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What are the three phyla of worms?
flatworms, roundworms, and segmented worms
Are all worms invertebrates?
Do worms have specialized tissues that form organs and organ systems.
What type of symmetry do worms have?
bilateral symmetry
Why can worms respond quickly to their environment?
because they have a brain
Do many species of worms have separate make and females sexes?
Planarians, flukes and tapeworms are what kind of worms?
What is a parasite?
an organism that gets its food from living in or on another organism.
Which parasite has no digestive system of its own?
What is one worm predator that hunts for food?
How many openings do planarians have to their digestive system?
one opening
Are all roundworms parasites?
no, only some.
How many openings do round worms have to their digestive system?
two openings, one at each end.
What type of worm are earthworms and leeches?
segmented worms
How many openings do segmented worms have to their digestive system?
two openings
Do segmented worms have a closed or open circulatory system?
How do earthworms breathe?
through their skin