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What is the facist party?
a strong, nationalistic government usually lead by a dictator
What is appeasement?
the granting of concessions to a hostile power in order to keep peace; this is what russia did, giving Germany a peace of land, so they would stop attacking people
What is totalitarian state?
A country ruled in all aspects by the government group or person
What is blitzkrieg?
The type of fighting in war that is quick, and comes around from all angles
What is an annex?
to add on
What is kamikaze?
A person who sacrifices their lives for the sake of their country (9/11)
Who was Joseph Stalin?
communist leader over Russia, tryed to have gov. control every aspect of people's lives (Soviet Union)
Who was Dwight Eisenhower?
American General, he led the invasion in N. Africa, and planned the D-Day invasion
Who was Douglas MacArthur?
US General in charge of conquering the war in the Pacific
What day did the Germans invade Poland, how was this significant?
8/1/39- the war began
What date was the battle of midway, how was it significant?
6/1942- Turning point in the Pacific
What date was D-Day, how was this significant?
6/6/44- turning point in Europe, the allies shift gears, and push Germany back
What date was Hiroshima?
What date was Nagasaki?