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neville chamberlain
british prime minister leading up to ww2

his policy of appeasement toward hitler was a terrible failure
winston chuchill
british prime minister during ww2

he provided britain with great leadership during ww2
non aggression pact
the pact signed between stalin and hitler

the agreed not to attack eachother and also to divide up the eastern europe
germanys tactic of "lightning warfare"

it used fast moving airplanes and tanks, followed by massive infantry (sodiers)
charles de gaulle
the leader of the french government in-exile, based in london

he effectivley led the french resistance until germany had been forced to leave paris
the holocaust
the murder of over 11 million people across europe in hitlers attempt to create racial purity

over 6 million of those killed were jews
means the "night of broken glass"

the night when nazis attacked jewish homes, business, and synagogues across germany
parts of town where jews were forced to live

they were overcrowded and usually lacked adeguate supplies of food, water, and sanitation
concentration camps
camps where undesirables such as jews, were sent and forced to work

conditions were awful and people died from overwork and starvation
the final solution
the deliberate killing of the jews by hitler

hitler used this as an attempt to rid euopre of jews
GI bill of rights
law passed to ease the transition of soldiers back to civilian life

it provided eduacation and training
congress of racial equality
interacial organization founded by james farmer

it confronted segregation in northern cities
zoot suit
anti mexican riots that occured in l.a. in 1943

it was called zoot-suit riot b/c of the manner in which many mexican youths dressed
in response to fear of japanese after pearl harbor. japanese americans were confined throughout the war

no charge were ever filed or evidence found that only japanese american had been disloyal
japanese american citizens league
group founded after the war to push congress to reinburse japanese americans for their financial losses due to internment

due to its efforts, congress eventually paid each internee $20,000
joseph stalin
totalitarian leader of the soviet union during ww2

he was ruthless and b/c of this many russians died while he was in power
benito mussolini
fascist leader of italy during ww2

he was very militaristic and anti communist
adolf hitler
fascist leader of germany

a brilliant manager and tacticism, but also a deranged psychopath
francisco franco
fascist leader of spain during ww2

kept spain out of ww2
neutrality acts
a series of acts passed by congress in the 1930s

these were meant to keep the us from supporting either side in ww2
womens auxillary army corps
pput women to work in the armydue to the labor shortage created by ww1=2

gave women the pay & status of soldiers, but few benefits granted male soldiers
a philip randolph
african american labor leader

led the protest of discrimination against blacks in military & industry
manhattan project
the project created by roosevelt to build the 1st atomic bomb

german refugee albert einstein had warned roosevelt that the germans had successfully split the atom
office of price administration
created due to declining production consumer goods during the war

it was successful in controlling wartime inflation
war production board
created to ensure the military recieve the rescources the needed to fight the war

it decided which companies would convert their productiobn to war materials
created due scarcity of goods available to civilians during wartime

it forced americans to use fewer essential goods such as gas, shoes, and meat