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What does GI stand for?
Government Issue
What were WAVES and WASPS?
Waves = Navy
Wasps = Air Force
What part did women have in the war?
Women were not drafted. They could volunteer into the WAC (Women's Auxiliary Corps).
What book glorified the GI experience?
"The Best Years Of Our Lives"
Ira Hayes

Arrested 49 times after World War II
Franklin Sousley
(2nd From Left)

Last words were "I'm OK"
Mike Strank
(3rd From Left, Obscured)

Nickname was "Old Man" because he was the oldest at 24 years old.
John "Doc" Bradley"
(3rd From Right)

The war left his legs full of shrapnel
Rene Gagnon
(2nd From Right, Obscured)

After WWII he was a janitor, but during WWII his nickname was "movie star"
Harlon Block

He was a 7th day Adventist and died before ever kissing a girl
When did Iwo Jima occur?
February-March, 1945

1 Month
What were the reasons to fight at Iwo Jima?
- Japanese Fighters
- Japan Radar Station
- Good place to put US fighter base
- Wounded US Bombers could land
How many US marines were there at Iwo Jima, and how many Japanese?
110,000 Marines
22,000 Japanese
What was the highest point of Iwo Jima and what was the significance?

It was taken when the battle of Iwo Jima ended and it was the first time an invader's flag flew over Japan in 5,000 years
What group committed horrible medical attrocities?
Japan's Unit 731