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What were the main causes of WWII?
WWII began when what country invaded what country In September 1939?
Poland invaded Germany
Who were the 3 axis powers?
Germany, Italy, Japan
Germany defeated which 7 countries?
France, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Denmark, Czechoslovakia, Poland
Germany failed to take over ________?
Great Britain
what was Hitler's Operation Barbarossa?
Plan to take over the USSR
What was the end result of Operation Barbarossa?
It was a mistake
When was Pearl Harbor attacked?
December 7, 1941
Who was Pearl Harbor attacked by?
What did the US do as a result of the attack on Pearl Harbor?
Entered WWII by declaring war on Japan
What was El Alamein?
Allies drive Rommel back in Egypt
Who were the 7 allied powers?
U.S., Great Britain (UK), Russia, Canada, China, Australia, France
What happened during the Invasion of France in 1944?
Allied troops crossed the English channel to the shores of Normandy
What was the Red Army Resistance?
Battle of Stalingrad, troops were on the offensive
What was the result of the invasion of France in 1944?
The Allies took back Paris
What was Hilter's final major effort in the war?
Battle of the Bulge
Where and when did the US take the offensive?
Battle of Midway in the Pacific
When did Germany surrender?
May 7, 1945
What did Hitler do on April 30, 1945
Committed suicide... maybe
What president ordered the use of the atomic bomb?
Where were the two atom bombs dropped?
Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan
When did Japan surrender and why had they not before?
They surrendered September 2, 1945. They hadn't before because it was not traditionally accepted.
What was an end result of the war that effected many people?
They were displaced
Who rose as superpowers after WWII?
What happened to Great Britain after the war?
They lost power
What organization was created in response to WWII?
the UN
What did the US try to do after WWII ended?
spread democracy and contain communism
What were the Nuremberg trials?
Trials where Nazis were charged with crimes against humanity. Many were sentenced to death.