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The 2 U.S. Presidents during WWII were ____ and ______.
FDR and Truman
After Lenin's death, the Soviet Union was led by ______.
Italy was led by a dictator named _______. What title did he take for himself? _____
Mussolini / Il Duce
Spain had a rebellion which was led by ______________.
Francisco Franco
The emporer of Japan was ______.
The prime minister of Great Britain during WWII was _______.
Churchill was preceded by __________.
For what do the letters USSR stand for?
Union of Soviet Socialists Republic
______ took the title of Fuhrer.
World War II was a combination of two wars. Where was this war fought?
Europe, Pacific, North Africa
The Allies were ______, _____, and _______.
U.S., Great Britain, and Soviet Union.
A type of aggressive nationalism - believed the nation was more important than the individual, individualism makes countries weaker, countries become stronger by expanding military and territory.
What did the Communist dicator begin?
A massive effort to industrialize the nation.
What did the Italian dicatator offer his people?
Working class full employment and social security.
Identify Mein Kampf.
"My Struggle" - Hitler's autobiography.
What is lebensraum?
Living space
The Axis countries were _____, ____, and ______.
Germany, Italy, and Japan.
Why did European leaders agree to a policy of appeasement?
1. Please Hitler
2. Avoid war
Who was the British leader?
What was the other European country that also agreed to the policy of appeasment?
Who stated, "They had to choose between war and dishonor. They chose dishonor. They will have war." ?
What was the name given to the laws depriving Jews of their rights?
Nuremburg Laws
Nazis, German troops, and citizens burned and destroyed 200 synagogues, 8000 ships; 3 dozen Jews were killed.
What was the inciting incident which began WWII?
Germany invading Poland.
On what day, month, and year did Germany invade Poland?
Sept. 1, 1939
The Non-aggression Pact was signed by _______ and _______.
Germany and Russia
The greatest air-sea-land operation in history is _______.
Operation Overlord
Operation Overlord is most commonly called ______.
The landings of Dday took place at ________ and the American general in charge was General ______.
Normandy / Eisenhower
The purpose of Operation Overlord was
to liberate France from German rule.
The invasion of Europe through Italy was ________.
Operation Torch
Advantages of Operation Torch
1. Allies got control of Mediterranean Sea
2. Invasion of Europe was made possible through Italy
What event brought the U.S. into WWII as one of the Allied countries?
Pearl Harbor
On what date did the attack on Pearl Harbor occur?
Dec. 7, 1941
Germans placed Leningrad in a 900 day seige
Operation Barbarossa
The Battle of ________ was the turning point.
Term that describes the manner in which our Navy fought the Japanese in the Pacific?
Leapfrogging/island hopping
Who referred to a battle was a pleace where "..uncommon valor was a common virtue" and what battle was it?
Admiral Nimitz / Iwo Jima
Who was the highest ranking Naval officer in the Pacific?
Admiral Nimitz
Who said, "I shall return." ?
The battle which stopped the Japanese advance to Australia was The Battle of _________.
Coral Sea
The first territory Japan lost in the war was at _____.
The first major Japanese defeat was __________.
Midway Island
The bloodiest battle in the Pacific was the battle of ________.
Iwo Jima
Rather than send American troops into Japan, President ________ dropped the first atomic bomb on _________.
Truman / Hiroshima
When the Japanese did not unconditionally surrender, we dropped the second bomb on ________.
Japan marched POWs to a railroad 60 miles away - thousands died on the way.
Bataan Death March
lightning war
catastrophe or holocaust