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What caused WWII?
Economic rivalry, the depression, failure of the league of nations, German resentment of the Treaty of Versailles.
When did WWII begin?
Neutrality Laws
Congress passed this to restrict the power of the President in foreign affairs.
Lend-Lease Act
Gave President the power to lend, lease or sell arms to help nations fight the Axis.
Attack on Pearl Harbor
Dec. 7 1941, Japenese planes caught caught US fleet by surprise. Was badly damaged, but encouraged US to enter the war.
General of the American military effort.
Atlantic Charter
Between US & Britain. Stated common principles of the free world (ie. self determination, free choice of gov't)
United Nations Alliance
26 allied nations, agreed to fight together to the principles of the Atlantic Charter.
Battle of Stalingrad
Germany was forced to retreat by Russia's army. Turning point of the war.
Soviet leader who helped oust & replace Krushchev.
Breshnev Doctrine
Policy claiming the Soviet had the right to intervene in any Socialist country whenever it was needed.
Common Market
The EEC. Free trade area among West Europe.
Economic alliance to coordinate economic affairs of the Soviet & it's satellite countries.
Period of relaxation between the Superpowers during Krushchev's rule of Soviet.
France, German, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxenborg. Elimiate all customs barriers between countries. Set up common tariff policy on imports. Remove all restrictions on the movement of workers & capital.
Free French
Supporters of de Gaulle who refused to acknowledge the French armistice.
Charles de Gaulle
First president of the Fifth Republic.
Hungarian Revolt
Attempt by students/workers to liberalize the Communist regime and break off alliance w. Soviet.
Marshall Plan
Program to help European recovery. Paid by US.
Military alliance founded in 1949.
Nuremberg Trials
Convicted Germans who helped exterminate Jews.
Potsdam Conference
1945. Truman, Stalin, Atlee. Decide on German borders, argued over free elections in East Europe. Stalin refuses free elections.
Schuman Plan
Control all European coal and steel production. (European Coal & Steal Community)
Communist chief of Yugoslavia who proclaimed independence from Soviet.
Treaty of Rome
1957. Set up EEC or Common Market.
Truman Doctrine
Policy providing military aid to Greece, Turkey to contain communism.
Warsaw Pact
Military Alliance between Soviet and Eastern European satellites.
Wartime meeting between Big Three. Discussed military strategy & postwar plans. 1945.