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Nazis killed 12 million people for ethnic reasons (6 million Jews)
people came to him after WWII; came up with E=mc^2
Albert Einstien
money paid by losers of a war to the winners
war reparation
document that ended WWII; written to prevent another World War (actually caused WWII)
Treaty of Versailles
desire to form colonies in need of natural resources
peace-keeping organization designed to prevent future wars
League of Nations
system of gov't ruled by a dictator or small, elite group of people; people live to serve the gov't
the land a country wants to take over
geopolitical ambition
when you remove elements of own population (kill own ppl)
Stalin purges
book that Hitler wrote in jail; "my struggle" (Hitler's life story/ramblings that glority future Germany)
Mein Kampf
Arian's are superior (ancient group of Germans noted for fighting ability; blond hair, blue eyes)
Arian Supremecy
hatred of Jewish Culture
"living room"; believe Germans are superior and therefore deserve more land/ living room
Hitler's gang: idealized Hitler and beat up anyone anti-Hitler
brown shirts
1924- Hitler and collegues try to restore Germany by overthrowing gov't (this event failed)
beer hall rebellion
"the night of breaking glass"; beginning of the Holocaust; gov't induced rioting