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United States would stay out of other countries business
was a meeting of many countries to voluntarily reduce their navies( US, Great Britian, Japan, Italy, France) 1921
Washington Conference
a document saying that it is against the law for anyone to go to war. 60 nations signed it in Paris 1928
Kellogg-Briand Pact
US loans money to Germany to keep Bretain and France from going to war against them 1924
Dawes Plan
US attempt to pacify Latin America to gain trade: US would not invade any L.Am. country unless invited 1934
Good Neighbor Policy
was a rich probince of China attacked by Japan in 1931. The first step toward WWII
Nationalist ruler of China, friendly to US
Chiang Kai Shek
(Sec. of State the US would not recognixe Japan's annexation of Manchuria 1932
Stimson Doctrine
Il douce( the leader) the fascist ruler of Italy. Had a Ethopia to take their oil
(Der Fuhrer) 1933 Chancellor of Germany. He could rebuild Germany's economy with his labor parties called the Nazi's. He shredded the Treaty of Versailled and rearmed his country
Adolf Hitler
all the people who spoke German no matter where they lived should belong to Germany. Hitler joined Austria to Germany this way
1937 Mussolini and Hitler decided to share the world
overthrew the king in the civil war in the 1930's. Became the dectator of Spain. Hitler supplied the weapons in exchange for a place to test Germany's weapons
Francisco Franco
any nation could buy war materials from the Us but it would be only cash, no credit and they had to transport this material themselves, the US would not deliver
Cash & Carry
issued some neutrality statements. He issued Quarantine Speech in 1937 in which he encouraged the rest of the world to stay away from Hitler
Hitler invaded this part of Czechoslovakia because of their large German population (Anschluss)
the prime minister of England. He and Daladier offered Hitler and Mussolini a deal
Lord Chamberlain
Hitler could keep and of the land he has already taken if he wouldn't take anymore
Munich Pact
World War II begins. Germany invaded Poland
September 1, 1939
France and Great Britain declare war on Germany
September 3, 1939
Contract between Hitler and Stalin not to attack each other, but Hitler had to give Stalin half of Poland. In exchange, Stalin would not attack Germany from the east
Non-Aggression Pact
French line of defense along the border between Germany and France. A defense line about 500 miles long. France expected this to protect themfrom German invasion
Maginot Line
neutral country north of France which Germany invaded. This enabled Germany to come around behind the Maginot Line
term referring to France after Germany gained control of it
Occupied France
series of lighting-quick attacks by Germans
new prime minister of England 1940
Winston Chruchill
small port city on the norther coast of France near English Channel. British soldiers were forced into a sea by German army. France is controlled completely by Germany
leader of French underground resistance
Britain stands alone against Germany during 1940-41
Battle of Britain
Germany's tough airforce
British Royal Air Force blew up German bombers. American Women were being trained to fly helicopters for rescue
America sent 50 old ships and bombers to Great Britain for a lease on some islands in the Atlantic
Destroyer Naval Base Deal
first peace time draft of people from the ages of 18 to 65 (only those age 20-45 would fight)
Selective Service Act
made US arsenal of democracy; US factories turned out lend of lease war materials to any allied countries
Lend Lease Act
Roosevelt & Churchill met in the Atlantic Ocean on a ship to descuss the boundaries but they decided not to change any
Atlantic Charter Treaty
admiral of Japan's navy
emperor of Japan
the commander of Japan's army
Pearl Harbor was bombed. Our entire Navy was sleeping. 3000 dead, 1000 injured, 5 of our battle ships, 2 of our destroyers, and destroyed both the airports
December 7, 1941
US declared war on Japan
December 8, 1941
Germany & Italy declared war on US
December 11, 1941
the govermnment took over factories to produce war materials
War Production Board
said it was against the law to go on strike during the war years
War Labor Board
Fair Employment Practice Commission was created by Roosevelt to stop descrimination
Office Of Price Administration- a government organization set the prices on goods, distribution of goods that were rationed
limiting certain goods for the war effort; gas, tires, shoes, butter, meat coffee, butterm nylon, metal, grease
War Bonds, were sold excise taxes came into being & income were raised payroll deductions were started
Methods Of Raising Money For War
a name given to the womean that took over the men's jobs while they were at war
Rosie the Riveter
Germany's top elite fighting machine commanded by Rommel(Desert Fox)
Afrika Korps
commander of British forces in N. Africa
was an American leader during the war in North Africa
took Eisenhower's place in N. Africa
General Patton
in May 1942, on the outskirts of Austalia. US against Japan major Pacific Battle. It lasted for 3 days and 3 experienced the first taste of defeat
Battle of Coral Sea
June 1942, the US finally broke the Japanese code and knew they were going to attack at Midway.
Battle of Midway
US admiral in charge of the whole Pacific Ocean
Chester Nimitz
sunner 1942, more losses were taken when Marines went ashore (Japanese were hiding in tunnels)
Battle of Gaudalcanal
break the supply lines from the Japanese main land
Island Hopping
decided to forget Japan and get Hitler 1st. In 1942 Japan invaded the Philipines
Roosevelt & Churchill
was general in the Philipinnes and was smuggles out for protection. 1942, He promisted "I shall return"
Gen. Douglas MacArthur
name given to the march American soldiers had to make (90 miles) when Japanese soliers killed many in Phillippines
Bataan Death March
1943. Churchill & Roosevelt decided it would be unconditional surrender(means that the attacking country would have no say so in the treaty to end the war)
Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin (US, Europe, & Russia)
The Big 3
led the invasion of Italy. During that summer of 1943 italian people killed Mussolini and one of his mistresses
Gen. Mark Clark
Clarks troops landed and fought for 6 months to get to Rome 30 miles away
Anzio Beach
The German Wolf Packs tried to stop supplies from reaching Europe
Battle of the Atlantic
the Normandy beach invasion on June 6, 1944, the greatest 200,000 American troops
December 1944, the last major German marching through a blizzard. The weather made us suffer many hardships
The Battle of the Bulge
was the US general in the battle of the bulge
Russian city where the "Big 3" met
Roosevelt died
April 12, 1945
Hitler died (committed suicide)
April 30, 1945
Victory in Europe day, May 8, 1945
V.E. Day
ran the Japs out of the Phillipines 1944 "I have returned"
General Douglas MacArthur
Japanese suicide pilots
vicious fighting b/w US & Japanese-Marines raise the flag
Iwo Jima
by capturing this island US planes can now mak round-trip bombing raids over Japan and not off carriers
plan in which atom bomb was built
Manhatten Project
was working for Hitler by force, defected from Germany and came to the US worked with Oppenheimer on A-bomb
first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima by a place called "Enola Gay" bomb was nicknamed "Little Boy"
August 6, 1945
second atomic bomb was dropped on Nagisaki by a plane called "Bock's Car" bomb was nicknamed "Fat Man"
August 9, 1945
victory in Japan
V-J Day
September 2, 1945
accepted Japanses surrender on board the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay
General Douglas MacArthur
code name for invasion of Africa
Operation Torch
code name for invasion on D-Day
Operation Overlaord
code name for Hitler's planned invasion of Britain
Operation Sea Lion
Advantages of WWII
1) boosted US economy-jobs, homes, "Baby Boom" business,
2) United Nations was created
Problems after WWII
4)Unstable Economy
New Medicines of WWII
1) penicillin
2) transfusions
3) sulphur drugs
New Weapons of WWII
1) missiles
2) guided missiles
3) hear-seeking missiles
4) V-1, V-2 rockets
5) magnetic mines
6) atomic bomb
7) helicopters
disagreement b/w US and Soviet Union or b/w democracy and Communism
Cold War