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What were the steps for Japan to War?
-not interested to play by the rules
-was given Manchura but need more land
-japan is industrialized so they were winning over China
-start turning their eyes below china
-US tells them to stop
What were the German Steps to war?
1)Makes Military Bigger
2) Invades Rhineland
3) allies w/ Mussolini making Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis
4) Austria annexed to Germany (called anschluss)
5)Takes Sudetenland
6)Signs soviet union nonaggression pact
What was lebensraum?
Living Space
What was Blitzkrieg?
"lightning war" using armored columns (tanks) called panzer divisions. Germans war plan
what was phony war
winter where German troops waited in Poland before resuming attacks.
What was Ardennes forest?
Main assault place where Germany fought Netherlands, Belgium, and France.
What was Dunkirk?
When Germany went across the Maginot Line it split the allied armies trapping French troops and British army on this beach. They escaped.
What were neutrality acts?
Series of acts preventing the US from taking sides or becoming involved in any European Wars.
What was battle of Britain?
August 1940 air force bombs British air and naval bases. They fought back supported by radar system. British Force suffers critical losses. Air force (Luftwaffe) begins bombing major cities. Britain fights back and causes damage to Germany and the pull out.
What happened June 22, 1941?
Hitler invades Soviet Union. Russians use scorched earth Soviets halt Germany. One line to Moscow, one to Ukraine, one to Leningrad.
What 3 things came of the Neutrality acts?
Cash and Carry: Britain brings money to get war materials.
Lend/Lease: Britain gives I.O.U.
Atlantic Charter: Complete destruction of Germany
Dec. 7 1941
Japanese aircraft attacks naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.
Who was Erwin Rommel?
German General who broke through British defenses in Egypt and advanced toward Alexandria. Was in AFRIKA CORE
What was Stalingrad?
major industrial center on Volga. German troops stopped, encircled, and supply lines cut off.
Midway Island?
Us planes destroy 4 Japanese aircraft carriers and beat navy
Island Hopping?
Policy to capture some islands and skip over other to get to japan
Soft Underbelly?
Italy. Allies take sicily and begin invading.
June 6, 1944
D-day. Allied forces under Dwight Eisenhower land on Normandy Beaches. Allies fight past underwater mines, barbed wire, and gun fire. Heavy German resistance Allies set up beachhead and invade the land 2 million vehicles. They push inland and break through German lines.
Harry Truman?
President after Roosevelt. Dropped bombs.
First city bomb dropped on. August 6th 1945
second bomb dropped on. August 9th. Thousands die.
Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere?
name of japans community of Nations
Dwight D. Eisenhower?
Supreme general of allied powers
How did war start?
Germany invades poland Sep. 1 1939
What was the battle of bulge?
Dec. 1944 Germans last attempt to beat Allies but they lose.
When did Germany surrender?
May 8 1945
What were Okinawa and Iwo Jima?
bases set up by US to bomb japan
Describe New Order in Europe.
Heinrich Himmler was put in charge of German resettlement plans. He needed to move the Slavic people out and replace them with the Germans. One million Poles moved to southern Poland and ethnic Germans brought to colonize Poland. Hitler planned for Poles, Ukrainians, and Russians to be removed and become slaves. Himmler said 30 million Slavs could die to achieve plans. Labor shortages led to rounding up foreign workers for Germany. Special office set up in 1942 to recruit labor for German Farms. By 1944 7million workers were laborers in Germany. Labor work disrupted industrial production and made more people resist Nazi forces.
What were results of final solution?
Final solution was genocide of the Jewish people. They created Einsatzgruppen which were special strike forces. They rounded up all Polish Jews and put them in ghettos. They tried to starve them but the people carried on. The Einsatzgruppen were given job of being mobile killing units. They rounded up Jews and executed them. Soon death camps were built which meant Jews being rounded up and sent to Poland. There some went to labor camps while others went to gas chambers. 90% of Jewish population was killed. Nazis also shot, starved, and overworked 10 million non-Jews. Roma were killed to. 4 million Soviet p.o.w.’s were killed. Many kids were evacuated but there were camps for kids. Millions of kids became orphaned and schools were shut down.
New Order in Japan?
Japanese officials made contact with anticolonialists. They promised local governments would be established under Japanese control. Burma, Dutch East Indies, Vietnam, and Philippines set up. Local Japanese military had power and local military command was subordinated to Army General Staff in Tokyo. Officials provoked attitudes of resentment by arrogance and contempt for customs. 800,000 Koreans sent to Japan as forced laborers. They were used in construction projects like the Burma-Thailand railway. The behavior caused dilemma for nationalists which made some occupied lads turn against the Japanese. Indonesia pretended to support japans while sabotaging the administration.
Home front of US?
• Produced much of military equipment for allies
• Construction of new factories created boomtowns
• Thousands came to work but faced shortage of houses and schools
• 16 million men and women enrolled in military
• Over a million African Americans move from south to the North and west looking for jobs.
• One million African Americans enrolled in the military
• Japanese Americans moved to internment camps
Home front of Soviet Union?
• Soviet workers dismantled and shipped factories in west to the interior.
• Machines place on bare ground and laborers worked as walls came up
• Produced 78,000 tanks and 98,000 artillery pieces.
• 55% of income went for war materials in 1943
• Citizens experienced severe food and house shortages.
• Women and girls worked in industries, mines and railroads.
• Women dug ditches and worked as air raid wardens
• Women served as sniper and in aircrews.
Home front of Germany?
• Hitler refused to cut consumer goods production and to increase production of armaments.
• In 1942 Hitler ordered massive increase in armament production and in size of the army.
• Hitler made Albert Speer (architect) minister for armaments and munitions.
• Speer tripled production.
• Total mobilization of economy put into effect in 1944.
• Schools theaters and cafes closed.
• Women working jobs in industry, agriculture, and commerce increases slightly.
Home front of Japan?
• Government creates plan board to control prices, wages, labor, and resources.
• Habits of obedience and hierarchy used to get citizen to sacrifice resources and lives for national cause.
• Young Japanese encouraged into volunteering to serve as pilots in suicide missions. (Kamikazes)
• Reluctant to mobilize women on the war effort
• Female employment increased during the war in areas like textile and farming.
• Korean and Chinese laborers brought in to meet labor shortages.
When did Japan surrender?
Sep. 2 1945
What happened at Tehran conference?
Held Nov. 1943
decided future course of war
scheduled invasion of France
East Europe would be liberated by SU
Agreed to a partition of Germany
What happened at Yalta Conference?
Held in Russia Feb. 1945
Stalin wanted buffer in case west was aggressive
Roosevelt wants Soviet help against Japan
Roosevelt Proposes United Nations
What happened at Potsdam Conference?
Held July 1945
Roosevelt replaced by Truman
Churchill replaced by Attlee
about free elections in Europe
Stalin wins
What were the effects of WWII?
-Major Destruction
-55 million deaths
-Cold war begins
-U.N. Created
-Nuremberg Trials
-Israel Created
-Marshall Plan (US rebuilds)
-Atomic Age
-Division of Germany