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What were the countries that fought against Germany and Austria-Hungary during WWI
The Allies
United Kingdom< Russia, France, Italy and U.S.A.
What event sparked the start of the war?
The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife from Austria-Hungary in Serbia
What was Germany's promise that its U-boat would warn ships before attacking
Sussex Pledge
What was the result of trench warfare?
More men were killed as they tried to move into enemy territory
What were the 1st few years of WWI like?
There was poison gas, machine guns, canons, grenades and it was very hard with many getting killed
What is a network of friends called
What country encouraged anti-German feelings in the U.S?
Great Britain in order to get Americans to enter the war
What is a feeling of great pride in one's country called?
What was President Wilson's plan of peace called?
Fourteen Point Plan
What is it called for preparing troops for war
What is payment from one nation to another for economic injury during a war called?
What was the world organization aimed at world peace and security
League of Nations
What is cease-fire between opponents in a war called?
What was the purpose of the convoy system
To move war supplies and men with other military protecting them by surrounding them
What were African Americans used for during WWI?
The African Americans only did menial or little things, as soldiers, because the whites didn't want to fight with them
What were 3 causes of WWI
Imperialism-seeking colonies
Nativism-wanting own country
Militarism-building up an army
THe U.S. in regard to the League of Nations was what?
The League of Nations was in Wilson's plan for peace, so the U.S. were the founders of it
What was the major factor in the U.S. decision to enter WWI?
The sinking of 3 American ships and desire to help France and Great Britain's soldiers who were losing the war
What did Americans call German soldiers
What did Russia become after the Bolshevik Revolution?
Socialist Republic
What did Wilson's 14 points call for?
Peace and safety for the whole world through open talking and diplomacy
What was the Selective Service Act for?
To require men to serve in the armed forces to build up the U.S. armed forces
What made postwar adjustment difficult for the U.S.?
unemployment for returning soldiers
slow down in economy
discrimination against African Americans continued
builidng up armed forces in a country
countries that worked together to fight other groups of countries during the war. Central Powers and Allies
Sussex Pledge
Promise from Germany to warn ships before they hit them after the bombing of the ship called Sussex
League of Nations
Group of representatives from different countries meeting to work for peace and safety for countries
American Expeditionary Forces..given to American troops during WWI
citizenwho takes the law into their own hands after a crime has been committed
love and honor toward one's country