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Why was World War I unlikely (3 reasons)?
1) economic ties
2) cultural ties
3) family ties
What were the economic ties that put off WWI?
The world was interdependent with trade and money.
What were the cultural ties that put off WWI?
There was a very uniform culture around the world. People also had a common education.
What were the family ties that put off WWI?
European monarchs were mostly cousins/decendents of Queen Victoria.
List some of Queen Victoria's children and where they ruled.
Wilhelm II (Germany), George V (Great Britain), and Alexandria (Russia).
What were the four reasons why WWI occured?
1) Imperialism
2) Militarism
3) nationalism
4) Alliances
Why was militarism a cause of the war?
There were many new "war toys" which led to mroe competetion among nations.
What nations were in the Triple Entante? What was another name for it?
France, Russia and Great Britain. Allied Powers
What nations were in the Triple Alliance? What was another name for it?
Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. Central Powers
Who replaced Italy in the Triple Alliance?
The Ottoman Empire.
During what years did the war take place?
Why was Germany concerned at the begining of the war? What was their plan?
They were worried about a two-front war. The VonSchliefen Plan.
What was the VonSchliefen Plan?
Germany would attack France in under six weeks by going through Belgium. Then they could defeat Russia once France was out of the picture.
Why did the VonSchliefen Plan fail?
Belgium attacked the Germans and stalled them long enough for the French to come
After the Napoleonic assaults failed, what type of warfare did countries use? What did this result it?
Trench warfare ended in a stalemate.
Where did militarism start?
Germany's superior army and navy
What is nationalism?
A devotion to the interests/culture of one's nation.
Where was an example of nationalism?
Russia and Austria-hungary were rivals for their influence in Serbia.
What event sparked the war?
The assasination of Archduke Ferdinand.
Who was Archduke Ferdinand? Who killed him and where?
He was heir to the Austrian throne and was killed by a Serbian nationalist in Sarajevo.
Who blockaded Germany? What did this do and what were the results?
Britain. It prevented weapons/supplies/food from entering/leaving Germany. This led to famine and 750,000 Germans starved.
What were German submarines called?
What were four reasons for US entry into the war?
1) Lusitania
2) Sussex
3) Zimmerman Note
4) Russain Revolution
What/when was the Lusitania? How many Americans were killed?
Germany sank the British liner carrying 128 Americans in 1915.
What/when was the Sussex? How many Americans were killed?
Germany torpedoed the French passenger ship. 80 Americans were killed. 1916
What did the Zimmerman Note propose?
An alliance between Mexico and Germany so Mexico could declare war on the US.
When was the Zimmerman Note intercepted?
Why did the Russain Revolution help start the war?
The Rusian monarchs were replaced by a representative government which gave a new reason to the war: war of democracies v. monarchies.
How were women in America affected by the war (3 things)?
1) women got men's old jobs
2) more public support of women suffrage
3) 19th Amendment (1919): women can vote
Why did thousands of Southern blacks move North during the Great Migration (3 reasons)?
1) escape Jim Crow Laws/discrimination
2) bad cotton fields: more jobs in the North
3) less European immigration: more jobs for blacks