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Who were the allies in the war?
Great britain
Soveit union
The united states of America
When did the War Start?
December 8th 1939
When did the War Start?
September 1 st 1939
When did the u.s enter the war and What caused them to enter the war?
The U.S entered the war on December 8th 1941, They Entered the war Because of the attack on Pearl Harbour, and When germany and italy declared War on them, so the U.S had no choice
who were the Axis Powers?
When did the battle of the Bulge Start?
The Battle of the bulge started on December 16th 1944.
Which Countries did the Allied Forces Liberate?
France and belguim
What was the U.S Strategy in the war with Japan?
The main Strategy was a concept called " Island Hopping" This Plant Specificly focused on capturing islands that the Japanese had fewer defenses in
When and what was the turnting point of the pacific War?
The Battle of Midway on june 3rd 1942
Describe the battle of Iwo jima?
The battlewas brutal and continous But the American forces eventually overpowered the outnumbered Japanese
When and where did the united states drop the first and second atomic bomb?
The first atomic bomb was dropped on august 6th 1945 in the japanesecity of Hiroshima

the Second Atomic bomb was dropped on august 9th on the city of Nagasaki
When did World war 2 officially end?
it officially ended in September 2nd 1945