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giving in to an aggressor to keep peace; this happened when the Germans moved into the Rhineland. instead of fighting the French troops pulled out and surrendered the land to the Germans. Hitler later admitted he would've pulled out if the French had challenged him.
Axis Powers
Germany, Italy, Japan
Aggression (towards war)
1.Spanish Civil War
2.Manchurian "Incident"
3.Italy invades Ethiopia
4.Occupation of Rhineland
5.Axis Pact Signed
6.Japan attacks China
7.Anschluss(union) w/ Austria
8.Sudetenland "Crisis"-Munich Conference-Appeasement
9.Germany annexes Czech
10.Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact
Spanish civil war
all members of League of Nations aren't allowed to aid either side in a country's civil war. Germany and Italy, not being part of the League of Nations, give aid to the Nationalists (the people in Spain in favor of a Fascist government)and help them win the civil war.
Italy Invades Ethiopia
Italy wanted to create a colonial empire in Africa. It invaded Ethiopia. Ethiopia pleaded for help from the League but it didn't do anything
Japan Attacks China
Seeking to build a Pacific empire, Japan need more raw materials. They decided to invade Manchuria, easily took control, established a puppet government, and built mines and factories. A border dispute sparked a war with China and the Japanese invaded, pushing the Chinese out west after they had captured major northern cities such as Beijing and the capital, Nanjing.