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The term for an understanding,but not an alliance betwene two countries is?
The slavic terratories annexed by austria-hungary in 1908 were
In 1917 the germans resumed a polocy of unrestricted warfare in order to
break brittish control of the seas.
the number of soilders killed or wounded in world war 1 was about
30 million
austria-hungary's ultamatum to serbia was triggered by
the assination of archduke francis ferdinand
the members of the tripple entente were france, russia, and
great brittain
disagreeing with president woodro wilson, france demanded that any peace settlements must include
payment of reparations
during the long stalemate on the western front, many soilders
lived in trenches for weeks at a time
at the begining of the war, italy
remained neutral
the failure of the schliffen plan was finally made apparen by
the german defeat at the battle of marne
russia felt compelled to aid serbia in order to maintain
its position as defender of slavic interests
as the war settled into a stalemate, countries tried to maintain citizens' moral by
spreading propaganda
great-brittain put aside its reluctance and entered the war when germany
refused to withdraw from belgium
the polocy of requiring civilians to serve in the military is called
german authorities helped lenin return to russia because they
hoped he could promote russias withdrawl from world war 1