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What is the difference between a fact and an opinion?
A fact can be proved and an opinion cannot be proved and is what one person thinks of something.
Judging someone by your standards (arranged marraiges)
Swelling of the Lymphnoids, armpits, and groin
Pneumonic and Septicemic
Affecting the lungs and bacteria going directly into the blood stream
The plague route
China, Astrakhan, Don River, Sarai, Volga, Kaffa, Black Sea, Constantinaple, Mediterranian, Crete, Mediterranian, Sicily Messina, Mediterranian, Sardegina, Genoa, Kaffa
Xenopsylla Cheopis
Oriental rat flea (Cause of bubonic plague)
Men who thought that the plague was apunishment from god for sins that men had done. They did public penance and ceremonies that contained whipping themselves with hard knotted leather with little iron spikes and continue untill blood flowed.
"Dance of Death"
The dance of death is when anyone and everyone dances with death. Popes, Emperors, Nuns, Cooks, peaants, mothers, children, and even babies are made to dance with death.
What years?
Characteristics of renaissance art
psychological, religious, and political forces
also naturalism, organization of space
Where did the renaissance begin?
Florence -> Rome -> Venice
supporter of the arts, finacial aid
Johannes Gutenberg
Inventor of the printing press