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-removed from or "above" the secular, profane world
-in christianity, the belief that through the proper consecration during the sacrament of holy communion the elements of bread and wine become the substance of the body and blood of christ
-in christianity, the doctrine of one God, three "persons" (father, son, holy spirit)
-true name
-the sikh name for the one God
-oglala lakota word for "grandfather"
-in prayers, wakan tanka is often addressed as tunkashila
-in islam, scholars responsible for interpreting sharia
-arabic for "community"
-often used for the entire community of muslims throughout the world
-in traditional hindu society, those "below" the caste system because of the impurity associated with their occupations, and thus not members of any of the four classes
-sanskrit for "to sit nearby"
-philosophical utterances, collected in a section of the vedas, that are the basis of later philosophical reflection in hinduism
-sanskrit for "knowledge"
-the sacred writings of the aryans, deemed canonical by later hinduism
-hindu god of preservation and love
-appears on earth in various forms (avatars) in times of crisis
-vision quest
-a lakota ritual in which the participant spends time alone, often on a hill or mountain, fasting and waiting for a vision from the spirit beings that will give guidance for life
-oglala lakota for "holy" or "sacred"
-white buffalo calf woman
-oglala lakota mythic figure who brought the sacred pipe to the people and instructed them in how to live harmoniously
-old english for "wise"
-the word from which the term "witch" derives
-taken as the name for a movement that seeks to restore pre-christian european indigenous religions
-wu wei
-daoist concept of "actionless action"
-a dialect of german that borrowed extensively from hebrew, spoken in jewish communities of eastern europe
-yin and yang
-the complementary opposite forces present in all reality, according to the traditional chinese worldview
-sanskrit for "to yoke or join"
-refers to a variety of methods that seek to join the individual soul to the ultimate, and thus achieve liberation from rebirth
-yom kippur
-the jewish "day of atonement"
-the political movement dedicated to the creation of a jewish homeland, where all jews of the world may come and live without fear of persecution