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What is the definition of Sikhism?
a supposed synthesis of Islam and Hinduism (ut less on Islam elements)
What is the name of the founder?
Guru Nanak
What is the Sant tradition?
devotion was essential to the realization of mukti (or release from round of rebirths)
What are the four elements of Sant?
1. devotion
2. transcendence of God without form
3. inward search for God
4. mystical ascent to bliss
What is the true religion according to Nanak?
Not institutions, focus on moral and spiritual aspects of life and allow oneself to be remade by God
What does "Sikhs" mean?
What was special about Nanak's birth?
heavenly music, deities proclaimed "God has saved the world"
What was in Nanak's childhood?
Age 5, weirdo, meditation
Age 7, went to school for one day, with ascetics
Age 9, invested with sacred hindu thread
Age 12, got married
What was special that happened to Nanak in the water?
Didn't rise til the third day, and said "There is neither Hindu nor Muslim"
Where did Nanak go?
All over, but especially Mecca
What were the circumstances surrounding Nanaks death?
under a acacia tree, went into ecstatic trance, body no longer there
What are the three stages after Hanaks death?
1. reconcile differences in hinduism and islam
2. Guru Arjun - died from torture - Hargobind (son) military
3. Khalsa - unified faith and military
What are some of the elements of the Khalsa?
Tithing (1/10))
Not marry out of Sikhism
Do not practice rites and rituals of islam or hinduism
Word of Wisdom
No gambling
Two purposes of life?
1.) release from round of births
2.) achieve union with God
Nature of God?
formless, yet personal, no duality
Three "s" to God?
1. Simran - meditation
2. Service
3. Sangat - advanced teachers
What is humai?
The natural man or maya (illusion), for LDS idolatry
What are the rites and rituals?
What does Guru mean?
pure conduit for the word of God
What is their scripture?
Adi Granth (the First Book) mostly hymns
What is their most sacred temple?
Golden Temple at Amritsar - langar, a free meal eaten
Social order?
No caste system, pure equality among all