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Where is Taoism from?
What is the main concerns of Taoism?
Ineffable powers within nature. It is subjective, intuitive, and mystical.
What is their idea of an afterlife?
They have none, they deal with the natural law more than a supreme being.
What is filial piety?
Respect for parents and grandparents, and worship of dead family members
What is the yang force associated with?
positivity, masculinity, paternity, intellect, light, warmth, heaven, strength, and life.
What is the yin force associated with?
negativity, femininity, intuition, darkness, coolness, earth, weakness, and death.
What is Wu-hsing?
The theory that the five elements: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood that constitute reality and change.
What is the Su Ching?
Book of History
What is the I Ching?
Book of Changes - reading of the patterns to predict events
What is Wu-wei?
a plan of action for human beings
What is the name of the founder?
Lao Tzu "Old Boy"
What is the most important Taoist text?
Tao Te Ching, The book of the Way and Its Power
What are the two types of Taoism?
Philosophical and religious
What are the main concepts that the philosophical Taoism deal with?
The continuing flow of the inherent impersonal Tao, regularity in nature, cyclical proccess, growth and decline, and bipolarity of yin and yang.
What is the Tao of philoposphy?
The Way, correlative opposites of Yin and Yang - infuses the universe with life and moving with flow of nature
What is Wu-wei of philosophy?
Submission to the natural order of things. "non-action" so that all is accomplished. One must give up the world in order to posess it.
What are the ethics of the Tao?
Live in harmony with that which gives ultimate order and ultimate ethics to the universe.
What is the symbol of Tao?
What are the two main goals of Religious Taoism?
Happiness and physical immortality.
What are the motivations of Divination for Religious Taoism?
1. Understand the supernatural so that ones life can be in harmony
2. Serve dead ancestors
How doea a Religious Taoist perform an exorcism?
Fire or loud noises
How was immortality sought?
Ko Hung (leader) through herbs and pills. Hsien (immortal) lived on island called P'eng-lai.
How many gods are there in the body and the heavens?
What is the hygiene school? (Religious)
vitality of the physical body to appease the gods in the body (breathing, excerciese, diet)
What are the Fields of Cinnabar?
Located in the head, the chest, and abdomen
What foods do they not eat?
Meat or wine
Other than health, what is another part of the Religious?
For women, what is the theory and what is the practice?
Theory: completley equal.
Practice: patriarchical but can do some participation
How many Taoists are there today?
60-70 million
Who is Chuang Tzu?
Lao Tuzu's disciple, interpreter of the Tao Te Ching
What is Kuei?
Bad and unpredictable spirits
What is Shen?
Beneficial spirits, associated with sun and spring, protect from Kuei
What is Tao Chia?
Philosophical Taoism