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Which country is Z practiced in?
What concepts did they bring to the Jews?
Angels, resurrection, Satan, and afterlife.
Who is the founder of Z?
What concepts do they share with LDS faith?
Premortal life, mortality, afterlife, no denominations, tension with traditions and modernity
What is the place of water?
haoma, mix that symbolizes immortality
What is the place of fire?
never put out, constant car, symbolizes sacrifice
What did the Aryans contribute to Z?
Purity cleansing, one God, and one law
Where did this religion take place historically?
What was Zaruthustra's calling?
A prophet of the true faith
What was the name of the angel Zarathustra saw?
Vohu Manah (Good Thoughts)
What is the name of the supreme God?
Ahura Mazda
Who did Zarathustra convert that was so important?
King of Persia, Vistapsa
What is the main body of scripture called?
What are the five main beliefs of Z?
1. One God
2. Six immortal beings with God
3. Fire for worship
4. Agency of good and evil
5. Course for humans before and after life
Who are the six immortal beings?
Vohu Manah (Good Thoughts), Asha (Righteousness and Order), Armaiti (Love), Kshathra (Desirable Dominion)Haurvata (Health), Ameretat (Long Life)
What are the six angels called as one?
Amesha Spentas