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"Hindu" means what?
"beyond the Indus"
"Dharma" means what?
"the way"
What are the three commonalities among Hindus?
1. Reincarnation
2. Karma
3. Ultimate release from the sound of rebirths
Who are the Aryans?
Combination of Iranians and Indians anciently
What is the earliest religious text?
The Rig Veda
What do the Dravidians worship?
fertility gods and goddesses
What do the Aryan's worship?
gods were personifications of the natural world that affected humans (sky, rain, sun, moon, stars, wind).
What are the four levels of the caste system?
Priests (Brahmins)
Nobles/warriors (Kshatriyas)
Common/merchants (Vaishyas)
Servants/slaves (Sudras)
Who are the four nature Gods of Aryan people?
1. Indra (war, thunder)
2. Soma (god and drink)
3. Agni (firel, mediator)
4. Varuna (sky, sees all)
Who are in the Hindu Trimutri?
Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu
Who is Brahma?
Trimutri - creator god with no role presently
Who is Shiva?
Trimutri - Rudra, the god of winter and healing
Who is Vishnu?
Trimutri - preserver of humans and universe, brings forth avatars
What are the three paths of salvation?
Karma, jyana, bhakti
What is karma?
Salvation - Way of Works, reaps as one sews, reincarnation
What is jyana?
Salvation - Way of Knowledge, union with One Supreme Reality, Nirvana
What is bhakti?
Salvation - Way of Worship, devotion to Gods who can save
What does ahisma mean?
Karma - doing no harm to other life
What is the relationship between Brahman and Atman?
Jyana - Brahman (the world spirit) is the ocean and Atman (individual spirit) the wave. Atman = Brahman
What does moksha mean?
release from the round of rebirths
What does samadhi mean?
oneness is enlightenment
What does Upanishads mean?
looking outward by meditation
Who are the two main avatars of Vishnu?
Krisma and Rama
What is the shruti and smriti?
How is the status of women paradoxical?
Seen as Sudras (lowest of caste system) but bring great honor to husbands and society.
Who is krishna?
Eighth avatar of Vishnu, force of goodness and spiritual love, comes to earth to reastablish dharma (law). A modern movement Hare Krishna (in U.S. and India).
How many people believe in Reincarnation?
1.5 billion
What is the main thing Hindus and LDS people believe similarly?