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3 Characteristics of religion

1. Heirophany
1. "manifestation of the Holy"
2. Normative Continuity
2. continuing what is propper and right for the religion (traditions)
EX. being baptized
3. Transformation
3. Religions have a sense that things are not the way it should be
Things needing to be changed(4)
Soma- body, nature
Polis- city or political order
Psyche- individual self
Cosmos- everything
Sigmund Freud
" there was fear in humans because nature was out of control so maybe you can appeal to gods of nature"
Sigmund Freud
fear, desire to control

-humans religous becuase of guilt
-can talk to heavenly father if not parents
Karl Marx
"at the dawn of humans we were in a barter society"
-money developed to make profit
-capitalists needs justification for huge profits and low wages
-"religion is the opiate of the people...religion is the cry of the oppressed"
all reductions of religious belief can be explained
-big diff btw. cause and reason
-religion is the effect of certain causes
*w/o guilt there's no religion
sometimes the reasons given are the best explanation
-cause not best explanation, act upon "reasons"
*cause is what acts upon you
5 Major Narratives
1. cosmic renewal
2. tragedy
3. optimistic humanism
4. adamic/ abrahamic
5. gnastic
Cosmic Renewal
either Polytheistic or Monotheistic
-gods not on your side
-people must learn on their own
Optimistic Humanism
maybe next time we can do it right
Adamic/ Abrahamic
-problem of evil, punishment
-humans make choices that lead to consequences
-the world sucks
-better to get out of it