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what explanations are given for the absense of a world goverment
a. competing nationalism
b. clashing civilizations
c. religious fanaticism
d. unequal distribution of world's resources
e. rich vs. poor countries
how do you define "kinetic power"?
actions that effects the behavior of a country's population (influence)
according to hans morgenthau, power refers to control over the minds and actions of others- a psychological relation between those who excerice it and those over whom it is exercised. give an example of this definition of power.
when terrorists bombed madrid saying that unless pro-us support was stopped, they'll destroy the whole madrid. a new socialist prime minister was elected and the pro-one was fired. they also took out their troops out of iraw sooner.
libya is a good example of influence-seeking power. explain
they gave us nucleur, biological, and chemical weapons program in 2003.
mroe money is spend on themilitary and the arms trade than on anything else in the world. what is the annual expendure for the world? what is the budget for u.s. military spending?
annual expenture: 1 trillion annually

u.s. military: $420.7 billion
how much of the world's oil is consumed by the U.S.?
why would a large population be a blessing?
if homogenous (the population).
if it's educated, healthy, literate.
if it has technological advances, and scientific motivation.
why would a large population be a curse?
if it has too many ethnic groups.
- economic gaps
- social gaps
explain "democratic peace theory"
argues that although liberal democracies may go to war with a non-liberal state, they remain at peace with each other.

democracies do not fight each other
which reportshave underscored the record of intelligence failure that lay at the ehart of the u.s. and british decision in 2003 to wage war against hussein's iraq?
gov't used flawed intelligence to justify war.

report: hussein had weapons (chemical, biological), working on nucleur weapon- was wrong.
what are senator's rockefeller's views regrading the intelligence failure?
rockefeller: "u.s. credibility is diminished"

"standing in world hasn't been lower"

"flawed intelligence led to foster deep hatred of american in muslim world"
in terms of alliance, what does chain ganging mean?
refers to one alliance member acting in a way that investigates conflict,forcing other to follow, leading the int'l system to collapse as in WWI
in terms of alliance, what does burden sharing mean?
points to who shoulders what costs within the alliance
in terms of alliance, what does free riding/buck passing mean?
an alliance partner that contributed less to an alliance b/c the stronger state in the alliance has a less of a choice
in terms of alliance, what does bandwagon mean?
happens when weaker states join a stronger state instead of uniting to balance against it.
stanley hoffman stresses 3 forms of globalization, each with implications about power. what are they?
economic globe: has had revolutions in technology, info, trade, foreign investment and int'l business.

cultural gap: led to recent assaults against western culture (arrogance, secular)

political gap: domination by the u.s and it spolitical institution
describe UN security council resolutions in 1483
1483: legitimized the u.s.- led invasion by annointing the US and british as the "occupying authorities" and went as far as authorizing the u.s. to take over iraq's oil industry
describe UN security council resolutions in 1546.
legitimized the presence of the u.s. led multinational force in post-occupation iraw and provided for the UN to play a "leading role" in building democratic institituion in the country.
what was president's johnson's response to the attack on the USS maddox by 3 north vitnam pt boats?
hard and tough. ordered navy to continue patroling there and to destroy the attacker
which u.s. senator spoke out against wat in vitnam? what argument did he make?
Wayne Morse.

said it would kill american boys for no reason.
when were the first 3,500 troops sent to vitnam?
8 MAR 1965
by december 1965, how many troops were in vitnam? how many killed? how many wounded in action?
men: 184,300
killed: 1,363
wounded: 7,645
which general led the war in vitnam?
PFC goerge william write conflicting feelings in regard to vitnam. what are they?
confused feeling. beautiful scenery, cute kids, animals, etc.
how did the troops feel about winning the war in vietnam?
they didn't think they were going to win.
in JAN 1968, 40,000 regular N. vietnamese sorround an area called Khe Sanh where 5,000 U.S. marines are held up. what is the outcome of this engagement?
they attacked them. all the weapons were destroyed.

massive bombins were droppped around the khe sanh.
after the tet offense, president johnson announces he will not urn for a second term as president. what brought about this decision?
failed military, but changes public opinion in U.S.
what happened at mi lai
massacre. women and children in a lake. shot them
what happened at kent state university in ohio in may 1970?
campus violence. national gaurdopened fire. anti-war march. guard threw in gas.
how many soldiers died in vitnam?
what is the carlyle group?
massive private equity firm.

they raise money from wealthy individual and companies and funds. invest in risk investment. buy stock directly from company (not publicmarket_

buy a company cheap and then sell it to make HUGE profit.
how was the carlyle group organized?
steven norris- president of marriot
rubenstein- lawyer.

they meet in a hotel. had money. wanted it to based in D.C.
WHY WAS THE NAME "CARLYLE" chosen for the group?
it was unique.
name of the hotel.
sounds old-schoool
who is frank carlucci
hired by the carlyle.
sec. of defense.
says he capitalizing on carlyle.
what is george bush senior's role in the carlyle group?
fundraiser. can go toa country like kuwait and get people to open wallets.

mets with poltiical/business leaders. much more than giving speeches.
the carlyle group purshaped united defense in 1997. what is the function?
are military contracts.
"crasader" is amobile gun.

bought after 9/11
didn't fit prioties though.

bush requested increase of budge and the crusader was included, which is manufactored by the U.S. fedense, which is owned by the carlyle group.

money would go to bush sen.
what was the crusader program and whydid it come under fire?
people found out of the truth.

people made too much noise, they had to cancel the program.
after 9/11, the president asked for an additiona 48 bilion dollars in defense spending to the 400 bilion dollar military spending budget. what impact did it have on the carlyle group?
they made tons of MONEY
WHAT DID THE REpublicans do to cynthia mckinney, the democratic congresswoman who bought to light the connection between the carlyle group and the crasader gun contract.
republican got a blakc woman to run against her.

republican woman got more votes.
on 9/11, the carlyle grop held their annual meeting int he ritz- carlton in washington d.c. who were present at this meeting?
bush senior- he left the night before sept. 11 to go to midwest.

shafic bin laden



how and when did the carlyle group become acquianted with the bin laden famlily?
bin laden construction had invested money in carlyle.

meet in saudi arabia.
who is prince alwaleed and how did he save citygroup?
wealthy saudi arabian prince. love us.

citigroup was faltering. steve and prince made a negotiation with citigroup to invest 590 million. this saved bank.
what is the vinnel corporation?
carlyle bought it. didn't own it directly.
provides advise and training to saudi national gaurd for internal reasons.
what is the main role of the suadi national gaurd?
defend saudi monarchy against internal threats.
how could the war in iraq benefit the U.S.
transform relationships in persian guly.

oil politics. better position to deal with saudi arabia.

won't have to depend so much on suadi arabs.
good examples of foreign policiy as a centralizing force were those initiated by russian's president, vladimir putin and libya's colonel muammar a-quaddafi. what were they?
putin: ratified the kyoto protocol; a step in direction of cooperating with other states to combat climate change.

a-quaddaf: disclosed and dismantle all it's weapons of mass destruction.
list four reasons why should you be concerned if foreign student enrollments decline at your university.
1. contribute to economy: over 12.85 billion. tuition, living expenses.

2. critical to research: makes graduate programs known globally for excellence. drive innovations in science, etc.

3. future foreign leaders: we educate them

4. diversity:culture and traditions.
there are two kinds of diplomacy. name them and give examples of each.
old diplimacy: prior to WW1. europoean centered.
emphasized secrecxt and devoid of nationalism.

new diplomacy: since WW1, open negotiation. summit meeint.g
there are three types of foreign policiy goals. define them and give examples of each.
a. core/vital interest objectives: territorial security, economic strengh, political independence.

ex: us attack on afhanistan taliban forces.

b.middle-range objectives: enhance prestige and viability with aids programs, cultural changes

c.long-range objectives: belief systems, basic values.
ex: us playing out its liberal/democratic oritentation during the cold war.
what are a country's "national interests" and how are foreign and domestic interests an intermestic phenomenom
2. territorial security
2. economic vitality
3. poltiical sovereignty, strengh

intermestic: issues that effect both foreign and domestic polciy (Trade), defense spending, enviroment.
- it affects job market, incomce, quality of life.
what are al qaeda's long-range goals?
restore former glory of ismal by creatig a pan-islamic state encompassing the entire middle east region

- bring down pro-western suadi govt'.
which factors influence a state's foreign policy?
a. geographical locations
b.natural resources
c. economic development
d. military
e. type of gov't.
in "join the debate", the statement is made that "islamic radicalism s nonstate in naturel it is not state-sponsered terrorim. you cannot attacking another state, as the united states did in iraw". what do the authors believe the consequence of that action are and what do they believe the u.s. do differently in the future?
consequence: the attack multiplied the radical islamic threat to america by mobilizing radical islamic believers around the world.

differently: do state-centric thinking develop new ways of combating islamic terrorist.
what are some of the difficultires democracies have in corrdinating their foreign policy agendas? discuss the issue of the v--2 opsrey.
1. need for secracy vs public right to accurate indo
2. power of press, public opinion
3. seperation of power that creates checks and balances
4. power within country (policiy)

v--2 osprey: defense spending is individual itnerest rather than national itnerest.

ex: pentagon purshaes weapons it does not want because a member of congress is ableo mobilize defense spending for a pet project that will benefit defense workers in his district.

v-22 plance capable of tranitioning from forward flight to graceful landing.
what are some of the criticism of the bush doctrine? do you believe the criticism are alid? explain.
a. disrupts balance of power
b, war of terrorim is too vague
c. violates accepted int'l obligations and treaties. no acceptance in int'l community.