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The terrorist railway bombings on March 11, 2004 in this city killed 200 people and injured some 1,800. This act of power influenced voters to elect a new prime minister and showed their overwhelming opposition to the US war in Iraq.
In his book, Politics Among Nations, he states that international relations, above all, is the struggle for power and peace and power refers to control over the minds and actions of others – a “psychological relation between those who exercise it and those over whom it is exercised.”
Morgenthau or Kenneth Thompson
This country gave up its nuclear, biological and chemical weapons programs in 2003 after months of secret diplomacy and intense negotiations with the US and Great Britain and agreed to pay $10 million in compensation for each of the 270 victims of the 1988 Pan Am Flight 103 bombing. It received full diplomatic relations with the US after a 24-year break.
How much of the world’s oil is consumed by the United States?
Define chain ganging.
One alliance member acting in a way that instigates conflict; forcing the others to follow, leading the international system to collapse as in WWI
Define bandwagoning.
When a weaker state joins a stronger state instead of uniting to balance against it
Define free riding or buck passing.
An alliance partner that contributes less to an alliance because a stronger state in the alliance has less of a choice
Which senator spoke out against the war in Vietnam?
Senator Wayne Morse- didn’t believe it was a winnable or worth lives of soldiers
What are the major elements of hard power?
Geography and natural resources, population, wealth, national infrstructure, military preparedness
In a discussion of the massive effects of globalization on power in world politics, this Harvard professor stresses three forms of globalization, each with implications about power: (1) economic globalization; (2) cultural globalization; and, (3) political globalization.
Joseph Nye
Which general led the war in Vietnam?
General William West Moreland
Define democratic peace theory.
This theory holds that although liberal democracies may go to war with non-democratic states, they typically remain at peace with each other
In January of 1968, 40,000 regular North Vietnamese surrounded an area called _______________ where 5,000 Marines were held up. When the battle was over, 115 men of the U.S. 5th Marine regiment had been killed.
Khe Sanh
What happened at Kent State University in Ohio in May 1970?
Peace marches, rallys, proteset, 2 women & 2 men shot because they threw rocks and the national guard opened fire
Approximately how many U.S. soldiers died in Vietnam?
58, 132
What is the Kyoto Protocol?
international agreement negotiated in 1997 the industrial nations got together and green house gases 2012 deadline to comply more than 160 countries committed to agreement; many disagreements b/c highly industrialized countries refused—us never sign on to do it—bush admin rejected protocol too; Russians sign
Define core objectives.
Ones that never change : Territorial security, Economic Strength, Political Independence
Fifteen of the 19 hijackers in the September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center were from this country
Saudi Arabia
It is the largest privately held defense contractor in the United States and former President George W. Bush was a senior advisor and shareholder in the company.
Carlyle Group
Which company has won numerous defense-related contracts in Iraq without competitive bidding? Vice President Dick Cheney is a former CEO of this company and continues to hold company shares in a charitable trust.
Halliburton Company
What alliance brought the House of Saud to power?
Islam & the Sword
How did Abdul-Aziz ibn Saud maintain the unity of the vast desert?
He married a daughter to every tribal chief of the areas he conquered
Which country was the first to join Saudi Arabia in the exploration of oil?
United States
What was the first in a string of broken promises made by the US to the Saudis?
They said that they would not participate in the vote & the US voted yes
In terms of UN troops and personnel, which countries contribute the largest number of peacekeepers?
Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nigera
Describe the UN's General Assembly.
The only UN body that directly represents all member states; each member state of the UN is allotted one vote, regardless of size; it is involved in social welfare and economic matters
Which countries are permanent members of the UN Security Council?
US, France, China, and Russia (vitor’s of WWII)
Which country is the largest financial contributor to the United Nations?
The U.S.
In which city is the headquarters of OPEC located?
Vienna, Austria
In which city is the headquarters of the UN located?
New York
What percent of the total number of UN peacekeepers in March 2008 were provided by the US?
Less than 1%
The EU is now comprised of how many democratic member countries?
25 democractic members
What challenges does the European Union face as it looks to the future?
Reducing unemployment, improve economic competitveness, stemming flow of illegal drugs, reducing therroist threat, adjusting to the 2004 membership explainsion, manageing instutionlal changes to cope with it
Which countries are members of OPEC?
Algeria, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qater, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Venezeua
Who is the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army?
Joseph Kony
Approximately how many children have been abducted in Uganda?
Describe the ICC.
International Criminal Court

designed to specifically to prosecute individuals accused of committing genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes
Who is the strongest and most important opponent of the ICC?
This senator believed that flawed intelligence led the U.S. to take actions that have fostered a deep hatred of Americans in the Muslim would that will grow. In his view, as a direct consequence of poor intelligence, "our nation is more vulnerable today than ever before."
This country's military budget is nearly 300 times the combined spending of Cuba, Iran, pre-war Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.
What are the elements of coercive diplomacy?
tariffs, boycotts, embargoes, blockade, espionage, sabotage, military intervention,clandestine military action, large war
What is the V-22 Osprey?
multi-mission tilt aircraft VTAKEOFF bell helipcoters and Boeing helicopters
What are some of the criticisms of the Bush Doctrine?
it's too global
What are the elements of benign diplomacy?
(peaceful) Ambassador & consular, international org, info prog, human aid, foreign aid, trade
Which country has the world's largest Muslim population?
What are the main institutions of the European Union?
European council, council or ministeries, Euro parliment, Euro comm, euro court of justice
Who was the first sitting president of a country to be indited by the ICC?
Omar al Bash (Sudan)
How many judges have been elected to serve the ICC?