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What musical culture is found in Zimbabwe?
The Shona
What musical culture is found in Gambia?
The Mande
What 2 musical cultures are found in Ghana?
The Ewe and the Dagbamba
What musical culture is found in the Central African Republic?
The Pygmies, specifically the BaAka tribe
What instruments does shona music consist of?
the mbira and the hosho
Describe the Mbira
A thumb piano with 22 keys in a gourd resonator with metal pieces attached for added "shimmer"
It spans 3 octaves and has a 7-note scale
Usually plays 48 beat ostinato
What is the mbira used for?
the Bira ceremony
chimurenga= music of struggle
(where is this term from?)
music of struggle (shona, zimbabwe)
What is the name of the song played on the mbira?
the shona song played on the mbira
2 mbira players
leader= kushaura
accompanist= kutsinhira
What instrument(s) does Mande music consist of?
the kora and a singer (usually female)
Describe the kora
-21-string bridge harp
-different tunings possible, called "chuning"
-spans 3 octaves
-has a 7 note scale
-usually played with an 8 beat ostinato
tunings for the kora
what instruments have (respectively) a 48 beat and 8 beat ostinato?
48= mbira (Shona)
8= kora (Mande)
In Mande music, what is the term for the basic vocal melody?
basic vocal melody in Mande music
in mande music, what is the term for improvised declamatory vocal lines?
improvised vocal line in Mande music
in mande music, what's the term for the basic instrumental (kora) ostinato?
kora, 8-beat ostinate played in mande music
in mande music, what's the term for the improvised instrumental interlude?
the improvised instrumental interlude on the kora in mande music
what is the name of the rhythm rapped on the body of the kora in mande music?
the rhythm rapped on the body of the kora, mande music
what kind of society is the Mande? Describe it.
very hierarchical.
2 social classes: the jali/nyamalo/griot (artisans, musicians, historians) and the sula (ordinary people)
what is the name of this mande song?
What instruments are used in the Ewe music of Ghana?
the gankogui (bell) and the axatse (rattle) and numerous drums. also: call and response singing
Describe Ewe music
Agbekor war drumming
v. polyrhythmic, dense texture
call and repsonse singing
used most importantly for funerals
describe the gankogui
a double bell, plays 12 beat ostinato. vital to ewe agbekor drumming
What is the name of the Ewe songs/music and what is its purpose
Agbekor. It was originally war drumming, now used especially for funerals
What instruments are used in Dagbamba music of Ghana?
pitched, "talking" drums
followed by singing
What is Dagbamba music used for? / what are they singing?
praise songs. alternate between verse and chorus (drums)
what is the name of the specific Dagbamba song?
Nag Biegu
the education of a jali
super intense. considered v/ important people in society. trained fully.
a superior singer in Mande culture
dagbamba performers are called ______
lunsi, members of a hereditary clan of drummers
members of a hereditary clan of dagbamba drummers
describe dagbamba society
hierarchy of chieftains.
among lunsi, a pyramid-like system of titled positions of authority
the Bira ceremony focuses on
possession trances, by which ancestral spirits enter the body
What instruments are used in Pygmy music of the CAR?
drums, but the focus is mostly on the singing
Describe Pygmy music
It includes EVERYONE, very participatory in nature. children=men=women
it's polyphonic
has some structure (small motifs), but sounds more like constant improv
Describe pygmy society
hunter-gatherers. nomads.
no specialization
what is the name of the specific pgymgy song?
the is a pgymy lament. in this case hunting song
Name 10 charactertistics of African music in general
1. improvisation
2. call and response
3. polyrhythms/polymeter
4. ostinatos
5. music designed to allow space for someone else to fill in somehow
6. oral tradition
7. participatory nature
8. percussion!
9. close connection between music and language
10. fast-paced