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A category of literary forms such as; novel, lyric poem and short stories.
A usually short story or poem often depicted using animals that presents a moral or practical lesson.
A short story told to convey a moral or message.
Hebrew; a rabbinic interpretation, or exposition, of biblical text. The term can also be applied to a collection of such expositions or, capitalized, to the whole midrashic literature written during the first millennium AD
The act or process of mixing; in this case different genres into on "commix" book.
Metafiction is a kind of fiction which self-consciously addresses the devices of fiction. "Writing about writing"
Deep Memory
inarticulable memories, memories for which there is no means of expression
Post Memory
distinguished by a generational difference. Our "memories" of the holocaust are not memories but memories of what we've been taught of the event.
Received History
A narrative hybrid that interweaves both events of the holocaust and the ways they are passed down to us.
Common Memory
The memory establishes clarity, coherence and closure
Hyper mediated experiences of memory
hyper:above and beyond, excess
mediated: intervening third party
Vicarious Memory
experienced at secondhand, memory that is not directly the rememberer's own but is being remembered on another behalf
The atoning or making up for an offense committed against God or one's neighbor
compensation for a wrong
offered with the intention of instruction or teaching; uplifting message to learn