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Who is Ota Toyotaro?
From "Dancing Girl" by Ogai, macihne like
WHo is Elise?
"The Dancing Girl"-needy, lives only for Ota's happiness, he gives her a reason to live, in the end she goes crazy because he leaves her in search of giri
Who is Aizawa Kenkichi?
The friend who advises Ota to leave Elise because he says the two surely have no "meeting of the minds"
Who is Okada?
The main character is "Aguri", a diabetic, overindulgent in sex, food, has a bad body image of himself, he used to be hot shit, but now he's not
Who is Aguri?
The seventeen-year-old who started a relasionship with an older man when she was fourteen-year-old. he has a family on the side to her.
Who is Aki?
the main character, she was a survivor the the Hiroshima bomb, but she survived, and so many of her friends died. The course of the story of "The Rite" is evolved by her smoking a cigarette on a restless night.
Who is Tomiko?
"The Rite" she is Aki's friend who has never been able to have baby due to the complications associated with the bomb radiation
Who is Setsuro?
Aki's friend in "The Rite" who is dying, who has been so badly injured after the bombing
Who is Noboru?
Aki's boyfriend who keeps giving her books to try to get Aki to forget about the horrible things that have happened due to the bombing
Who is Satish?
Harimohon's son
what type of religion was Satish?
Who was Sateesh influenced by?
influenced by his uncle, utilitarianism and by Benthem and Mill
what does Satish symbolize?
represents the colnial philosophy of Englang, represents spirtual idealism
Who was Srivilas?
middleman, he was always imitating Satish, eventually marries Domini
Who is Jagamohan?
Harimohon's brothe, an atheist, engages in acts of chariity. worldy philosophy focus that brings people to the here and now. no closure to his uncle's death.
Who is Harimohan?
Satish' father, represents higher tradition of Hinduism and piety. wants to save nonibala by marrying her. violates patriarchal code by brinignig in Nonibala
Who is Nonibala?
arrival of Nonibala starts conflict with Harimohon's son, Purdundar, impregnated her. violated code of pure woman. she commits suicide due to sense of shame: "Oh earth, open up and swallow me up!"
Who is Damini?
she asks "How do you save people from religion?" she reads cheap literature. she takes care of a mongoose and a mongrel dog. doing commune work and she is in love with satish.
Who is Marlow?
guy who goes on journey in heart of darkness, "Heart of Darkness" by Joesph Conrad
Who is Kurtz?
Kurtz is seen as brilliant, he is the person who Marlow is going up the river to see
Who is "the intended"?
Marlow's fiancee was "The Intended" and also she represented women and how they should be sheltered and belittled, kept away from the darkness
Who is Lakunle?
"Lion and the Jewel" by Soyinka, school teacher that is in love with Sidi
Who is Sidi?
the village belle who gets her photo in the magazine and then the cheif of the tribe, Baroka, wants to marry her
Who is Baroka?
cheif of village
Who is Muni?
The Indian man who meets the "Red faced man" in A HORSE AND TWO GOATS By Narayan

Very poor

the only thing he knows that he is uneducated
Who is “the red faced man”?
the red faced man is the guy who wants to buy the statue from Muni in A HORSE AND TWO GOATS but muni thinks he wants to buy his goats
Who is Bina?
Bina was the chick in Desai "The Farewell Party" who doesn't have any friends, and she loves her children. she hated being part of the clique of chicks who marry corporate dudes.
WHo is Raman?
Bina's husband in "The Farewell Party" by Anita Desai
Who is Panna?
She's the wife in "A Wife's Story" by Mukherjee
Who wrote “The Dancing Girl”?
Who wrote “Aguri”?
WHo wrote "Hiroshima Notes"?
Who wrote “Broken Ties”?
Who wrote "Heart of Darkness"?
Who wrote “An Open Letter to . . . Leoold II”?
Who wrote “King Leopold’s Soliloquy”?
Who wrote “An Image of Africa”?
Who wrote "The Lion and the Jewel"?
Who wrote "Wretched of the Earth"?
Who wrote “Decolonising the African Mind”?
Who wrote “A Horse and Two Goats” and “A Passage to America”?
Who wrote "Foreward to Kanthapura"?
Who wrote “The Farewell Party”?
Who wrote Imaginary Homelands?
Who wrote “A Wife’s Story”?
What is the Berlin?
From "Dancing Girl" by Ogai, where they are in Germany
What is Tokyo?
lots of stuff
What is Brussels?
where King Leopold has his lair
WHat is Congo Free State?
is where Heart of Darkness takes place, where King Leopold has his grip
what is kritan?
a small village where Muni lives in A HORSE AND TWO GOATS
what is hybridity?
moves around to claim a place as one's own
what is realism?
a 19th century aesthic movement that looks at the Yvgenis of the world
what is giri?
the japanese code of duty
what is positivism?
think of only that you can measure oon the earth is in the here and now, assocaited with science, form of materialism
what is bhakti?
a name that indicates the Hindu mysticism , rose up in the 13th century in India where people were trying to have a direct relasionship with God
what is utilitarianism?
greatest good, greatest number
what's naturalism?
form of realism,motivated by Comte. looks at how our lives are determined by external forces
what is modernist?
stream of consioucness
what is Kyoto?
Kyoto used to be the capital but they changed it to Toyoko in the Taisho
what is surrealism?
an art movement that Aguri like when you don't know what's going on, or like a salvador dali

disconnected reality
what is stream of consiousness?
when you are in the character's head, hearing their words, like Aki's nnarration in "The Rite" where you turn into the character, also in the farewell party
The technique whereby a fiction writer presents the raw contents-thoughts and feelings--of a characters as they randomly occur in time is known as:

(a) naturalism
(b) free indirect discourse
(c) realism
(d) stream of consciousness
b) free indirect discourse
What is nonlinear plot?
Aki's the rite, didn't have a structure
what is a flashback?
when a character has a flashback


what is kirtan?
kirtan are the lyrics to Hindu songs that are quite moving and at the point in "Broken Ties" by Tagore Satish becomes very moved by the music of the kirtan

bhakiti sing kirtan
what is frame narrative?
a narrative technique whereby a main story is composed, at least in part, for the purpose of organizing a set of shorter stories, each of which is a story within a story—or for surrounding a single story within a story.
what is an omniscient narrator?
when the author isn't visible, and the author is kind of like god
what is utilitarianism?
greatest good for greatest number
what is existentialism?
life has no meaning....



What is a Manichean Allegory?
talks about how discourse of colonism operates on a binary oppostion between dark and light

heart of darkness
what is meiji era?
when the west and the east finally started to collide between 1868 to 1912
what is showa era?
the civil war era in japan
what is the manhattan project?
The Manhattan Project was the project to develop the first nuclear weapon (atomic bomb) during World War II by the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada
what is hibakusha?
the ones who are fucked up from hiroshima still
what is the Sepoy Rebellion of 1857-58?
that happened in India, because britan came into colonize what happened, had to open up tabs that were filled with cow tallow, and the Hindus/Muslims were pissed
what is congress movement?
political movement of indian nationalism, trying to synthesize what was valuable in England in India
what is a Bengali Renaissance?
writers and poets use language, including tagor, which returned to native places but rejecting english education that they learned (19th century) tagore is the leading figure
what is maya?
the illusion of woman with "Broken Ties" by Tagore, literally translated as illusion or goddess, maya applies to the follies of our five sense and the inability to see beneath them
what is Repressive State Apparatus and Ideological State Apparatus?
grandmom beats pannas mom

in wives tale

doesnt want women to have education
yet she is a woman
so its a repressive state/ideoological apparatus
who is King Leopold II?
responsible for the corruption of the congolese people, holding captive/slaves the congo peoples for rubber production
who is caliban?
Another of Prospero's servants. Caliban, the son of the now-deceased witch Sycorax, acquainted Prospero with the island when Prospero arrived. Caliban believes that the island rightfully belongs to him and that Prospero stole it. Caliban's speech and behavior is sometimes coarse and brutal, sometimes eloquent and sensitive, as in his rebukes of Prospero in Act 1, scene 2, and in his description of the eerie beauty of the island.
who is ariel?

Prospero's spirit helper, a powerful supernatural being whom Prospero controls completely. Rescued by Prospero from a long imprisonment (within a tree) at the hands of the witch Sycorax, Ariel is Prospero's servant until Prospero decides to release him. He is mischievous and ubiquitous, able to traverse the length of the island in an instant and change shapes at will. Ariel carries out virtually every task Prospero needs accomplished in the play.
what is assimilation?
when a person assmilates to another type of culture
what is appropriation?
Cultural appropriation is the adoption of some specific elements of one culture by a different cultural group. It denotes acculturation or assimilation, but often connotes a negative view towards acculturation from a minority culture by a dominant culture.

what is Varna (the caste system)?
varna is another word for class
what is the brahmin caste?
the highest ranking caste in the Hindu system
what is the shudras?
the agriculturist class of the varna caste system
what is an imaginary homeland?
the idea that you cannot be purely hindu, and that in order to continue to be hindu, you must imagine a homeland
massive exodus of people from one from place to another
what are translated men>?
from imaginary homelands:

"thhe word 'translation' comes, etymologically, from the latin for 'bearing across'. having been borne acroos the world, we are translated men."