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What is the setting of the play?
Thebes, Greece 450 B.C.
Who is the author?
Who are Antigones brothers and sister?
Polyneices, Eteocles, and Ismene
Who is Antigone's uncle?
King Creon
What was the conflict between Antigone's brothers?
fighting over leadership of the city
What were Antigone's motivations to bury her brother?
* family honor above all
(fear of disapointing the family honor)
*Be willing to risk yourself for a cause you believe in
Why doesn't Antigone's sister help her?
she wants to avoid trouble and obey the law
Who is Tiresias?
A wise, old prophet
Who is Oedipus and what happened to him?
He was Antigone's Father, and Jocasta's son
He stabbed his eyes out and put himself into exile
Who is Jocasta and how did she die?
She was Antigone's mother, and Oedipus' mother
whe commited suicide.
Who is Antigone engaged to?
Heamon (her cousin)
Why does Antigone say that her family is cursed?
It was against the rule of the Gods to marry family members. (her father married his mother after he killed his own father not knowing that it was his father)
What is the makings of a tragic hero?
-elevated social status: kings, queens, demi gods, military leaders
-inheretly flawed
-face an impossible obstiscle
-encounters a terrible downfall