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to end/cancel a marriage without divorce
act of supremacy
passed by parliament making henry VIII head of the english church
anglican church/church of england
formed after parliament passes the act of supremecy
henry VIII
king of england who started the protestant rreformation in england
mary tudar/bloody mary
raised roman catholic- bitter about england's protestant church allowing the divorce of her mother- tried to turn england back into roman catholic- burned 100s of english protestants at the stake
her 45 year rule characterized by comprimis- she never married- when she died that was the end of the tudar dynasty
phillip II
absolute monarch of spain who inherits sapin, spainish colonies, and netherlands from charles V(holy roman emiperor)
spanish armada
spanish navy sent by phillip II to england to defeat elizabeth I- the armada was defeated
what were henry VIII's motivations for starting the protestant reformation in england?
since his wife had given him only 1 daughter, he wanted the pope to annul his marriage and allow him to marry other women. the pope refused, so henry sought a way to gain control of the church in order to be allowed to divorce his wife.
why did henry VIII have so many wives?
he wanted a male heir (son to inherit the throne of england)- back then not producing a male child was considered the woman's fault (the wives were divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived)
what did henry do when the pope refused to annul his marriage to catherine of aragon?
he asked parliament to pass the act of supremecy making him head of the english church.
why and what happened to sir thomas more?
he wrote utopia-he was imprisoned in the tower of london and later beheaded for refusing to attend henry VII's wedding tp his second wife. more's daughter bought back his head a month later.
compare the reigns of mary tudor/ bloody mary and elizabeth.
MARY TUDOR/BLOODY MARY-raised roman catholic-bitter about england's protestant church allowing the divorce of her mother-tried to turn england back into roman catholic-burned 100s of english protestants at the stake.
ELIZABETH- her 45 year rule charcterized by comprimise-she never married-when she died that was the end of the tudor dynasty
describe elizabeth;s raltionship with phillip II of spain
PHILLIP II-spain-wanted to marry elizabeth-roman catholic-sent spanish armada
ELIZABETH-england-didnt want to marry anyone-protestant(anglican)-defeated spanish armada
absolute monarchy
form of governmentwhere monarch rules with complete authority without any LEGALLY organized opposition.
divine right
ruler's power granted by God
people with a shared language, culture, and beliefs
how was an absolute monarchy very diff. from our democracy system?
a)no system of checks and balances
b)infulenced but not dictated by outside influences
what were the 3 main rivals of the absolute monarch?
a) the church
b) the nobels
c) customs
why/how did nationalism lead to the need for a strong military?
strength necessary to be independent
what effect did nationalism often have upon minorities?
increase in racial hatred and persecution (wanted all to be kind of alike to represent the nation)
how did each of the following create political, ecoomic, or religious turmoil? thereby leading to the rise of absolutism? (monarchs need to tighten control)
NATIONALISM- belonging, willingness, military, rivalry, and racial tensions more territories for power and trade
EXPLORATION AND COLONIZATION-trade networks(globalize) increase compitition between countries
DECLINE OF FEUDILISM-more merchants, increase in middle class, urban centers(cities), nobels lose power
THE REFORMATION-religious intolerance.
french protestants
edict of nantes
passed by henry IV(frnace)-a declaration of religious toleration for huguenots to be free to worship
boy king
louis XIV became king at age 5
sun king
louis XIV chose the sun and the god apollo as his symbols of absolute power. he said, "as the earth revolves around the sun, france revolves around me." he also said, "i am the state."
greek god of the sun
economic policy originating in france that said in order for a country to be wealthy, it must export(sell) more than it import(buys)
what someone is famous for
henry IV
king of france- signed edict of nantes b/c of the st.bartholomew's day massacre
louis XIV
king of france- alos known as the "sun-king" or the "boy-king"-built the palace of versailles
pope gregory XIII
had a commemorative coin made and a mural painted at the vatican to celebrate the st. bartholomew's day massacre
what did the st. bartholomew's day massacre trigger? between what 2 groups?
french soldiers accompained by roman catholic clergy attacked thousands of huguents(protestants) attending a royal wedding
how did pope gregory XIII show his support for the st. bartholomew's day massacre?
he had a commemorative coin made and a mural painted at the vatican to celebrate the st. bartholomew's day massacre
henry IV attempted to unify france. how did the edict of nantes please the protestants?
henry IV passed the edict of nantes to allow religious tolerance in france between the roman catholics and the protestants.
what did henry IV do to please the catholics?
he changed from being protestant to roman catholic
what is the meaning of henry IV's quote... "it is well woth the mass"?
the mass is an important ceremony in the roman catholic church. non-catholics cannot participate. there is much fighting over the impotance of the mass.
why did louis XIV have a preference for the god apollp?
he said that he was the center of france, like the sun was the center if the universe. since apollo was the sun-god, he chose apollo as his symbol of power.
wgat were the 3 primary reasons louis XIV built the palace of versailles?
1) to control the nobels
2)impress the other rulers of the world
why was lousi XIV's legacy described as mixed?
at the beggining of his reign, france was the top country in several categorie, but by the end it was nearly bankrupt.
what 2 factors led to france being bankruot at the end of louis' reign?
louis XIV got france into expensive wars+he transformed his fathers hunting lodge into the palace of versailles.
how was louis XIV's reign a contributing factor to the french revolution eventually occuring in france?
lousi XIV spent so much money on wars and the palace of versailles+other things that france was nearly bankrupt.
what was the historical significance of the hall of mirrors?
this was were germany had to sign the treaty of versailles-which ended world war 1