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Warsaw Ghetto
largest of the Jewish ghettos
set up by Hitler during the Holocaust
lasted 3 years;between 1940-1943
people died in this ghetto from starvation, disease, and being sent away to concentration camps
expain Hiroshima and Nagasaki

people died mainly from
two atomic bombs set off by the U.S. bombing the Japanese in 1945 within 3 days of eachother

Hiroshima was bombed on ______ and was the 1st/2nd atomic bomb to hit Japan it was the smaller/larger of the two; killed more/less people
Aug. 6, 1945; 1st bomb; smaller of the two;more
Nagasaki was bombed on _______ it was the 1st/ 2nd atomic bomb to hit Japan it was the smaller/larger of the two killed more/less people
August 9, 1945; 2nd bomb; larger bomb;less
Holocaust killed
led by
program to wipe out all
killed 6 million Jews; progam led by Adolf Hitler and Nazi program to wipe out all non-Aryan people
United Nations included ____ countries
U.N. was intended to
protect its members from aggresion
U.N. was established in
U.N. was established to replace
the league of nations
U.N. was based in which city
New York
Space Race
when the U.S felt pressure to get ahead in space technology; to be ahead of the Soviet Union
Space Race: the soviet union put a satellitle into orbit in
Space Race: U.S. raised the funding for
science and education
Space Race: What year did the U.S put a satellite into orbit
Space Race the U.S was the first to have a man on the moon in
Stalin was the dictator of what country
Stalins carrer lasted from
Stalins popular name was
man of steel
Stalins goal was to
create a perfect communist state in Russia through totalitarian rule
Ho Chi Minh leader of what country
Communist leader of North Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh was the leader of ______ between
Vietnam the end of WWII to his death 1945-1969
Ho Chi Minh was a democratic/communist leader
lenin was the force behind what in what year
the russian revolution in 1917
Lenin was the first
great leader of the soviet union
Lenin was a _________ politician
Lenin put whos ideas to modern communism to use
Bourgeoisie was what class
the middle class
Proletariat was what class
the poorest class of the working people "the workers"
Rowlatt acts was a law passed by the

in what country
British Raj; in India
the Rowlatt Acts was a law which was passed on what month and year
March 1918
The Rowlatt Acts was a law to
control public unrest and root out conspiracy
The Rowlatts Acts gave English authorities power to deal with
revoultionary activity
What leader was extremely critical of the Act and argued that not everyone should be punished in response to isolated political crimes
Mahatma Gandhi was a _________ of what groups independence
non-violent leader of Indian independence
M. Gandhi urged as a ___________ as a means to
non-violence and civil disobedience leader ; independence from Great Britain
In what year did M. Gandhi returned to India and became the leader of the Indian National Congress
M. Gandhi led India to independence in what year
The Amritsar Massacre occured on what day
April 13 1919
The Amritsar Massacre was an incident in which
British troops fired on a crowd of unarmed Inidian protesters;killing a large number
The Amritsar Massacre was the prelude to what? between what years
Mahatma Gandhi's Non-cooperation Movement of 1920–22
The Salt March was an act of what
non violent protest
The Salt March was an act of non violent protest against the ...... in what country
British salt tax, colonial India
The Salt March was a march of a number of people with the make .....
Ghandi ....salt
The march of the salt march lasted from what dates
March 12 to April 6, 1930
Bolsheviks was a member or a supporter of what party
Marxist-Leninist party
A Bolsheviks was a communist/democratic
The Bolsheviks leader was
The Bolsheviks were willing to sacrafice everything for what?
WWII propaganda: the government used propaganda to get the peoples support in..... to
in WWII-make people pro-war
WWII propoganda became successful after
Pearl Harbor
wwII propganda used posters to urge
increased labor and production as well as conservation of materials for the war effort
what happened on dday
D-day: The day on which the Allied forces invaded France during World War II
date of dday
Jun 6, 1944
which invasion was the largest amphibious landing in history
D-Day in which allied forces invaded france
South Korea, aided by
United Nations forces consisting primarily of U.S. troops
The korean war lasted from
The Korean war was between
North and South Korea
During the korean war who was North Korea aided by