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In the Peninsular War, France fought which two nations?
Spain and Portugal
What was napoleons continental system?
it was a system where he wanted no one to trade with great britain so that it would be economically hurt
What is the scorched earth policy that the Russians used against Napoelon's army?
as russia retreated russian soldiers burned and destroyed everything napoleon's army might need.
What was the most important reason for Napoleon's failure to conquer russia?
russia's climate and size
Napoleon's final defeat occured at ?
The most radical of the legislative bodies that governed France during the revolution was the?
National Convention
One reason for Napoleon's rise to power in France was
HIs military leadership and marraige to Josephine
What is the name of the paranoia that spread amongst peasants who were afraid the nobles would crush them and stop the French Revolution?
Great Fear
in this isolated event of violence, women march from Paris to King Louis XVI's castle at Versailles to protest the lack of food
Bread Riots
This was the isolated event of violence when crowds broke into a Paris prison and stole weapons, released oprisoners and destroyed the Prison?
Storming of the Bastille
True or False?
The civil constitution of the Clergy took power out of the hands of the Catholic church and gave power to the gov.?
True or false? THe decleration of the rights of women and citizenesses was approved by the Nationaly Assembly?
When the National Assembly completed the Constitution of 1791 it dissolved itself and this government came into being?
LEgislative Assembly
This group in the National COnvention represented Paris and was very radical?
Who was the National COnvention elected by?
Universal Manhood Suffrage
Which mathematical system was created during the French revolution?
Metric System
What was the purpose of the new French Revolution Calander?
it eliminated all religious refrences so that people would place France above religion
THis group ruled on cases involving "enemies of the Revolution" and unleased the REign of Terror
Committee for Public Safety
True Or False? The national Convention used terror against French citiznes?
True Or False? There was a counterrevolution that tried to stop the French Revolution?
Who stabbed Jean-Paul Marat while he was taking a bath because she thought that killing him would end the terror and execution in France?
CHarlotte Corday
This man was the creator and author of the "friend of the people" and had enormous influence and sway on the public
Jean-Paul Marat
The popular Jacobin leader and speaker increased nationalism and elistments in the army?
Georges-Jacques Danton
This man represented the ideollogical center of the revolution and lef the Reign of terror
Maximilien Robespierre
True of false?Lousis XVI was successful in his attempt to escape france
This is the time period during the French revolution where terror and execution were used to control the people of France?
REign of terror
The executive branch of the direvctory consisted of?
Five directors chosen by the upper house
The constitution under the Directory eliminated universal manhood suffrage and limited the vote to these people?
male property owners
Napoleon gained control of the French government throught a coup d'tat. What is this?
a violent overthrow of the government
True or False? The french wars fought between 1796 and 1815 were known as Napoleonic Wars
Napoleons conquering of foregin people caused them to develop nationalism..which is what?
a love for ones contry rather than ones native region
Olympe de Gouges led a protest for the ?
rights of women
the constitution of 1791 established?
a limited constitutional monarchy
these were the people given the right to vote in the constitution of 1791
adult male taxpayers
this term mean voting rights for all men
universal manhood suffrage
The bational Assembly ccomplished all of the following except..?
bring an end to the Reign of Terror
The decleration of the rights of man and citizen ?
stated the human rights of french men
The french people restente dthe wild spending, Austrian heritage , and plitical influence of Louis XVI's wife, queen...?
Marie Antoinette
The ____ replaced the Legislative Assembly in ruling france as the revolution took a radical turn
National convention
Who created the seed rill, or the horse drawn hoe?
Who created the bessemer process?
henry bessemer
Who created the cotton gin?
eli whitney
who created the modern steam engine?
james watt
who created the telegraph
samuel morse
WHo created water power to drive spinning wheels?
richard arkwright
This allowed farmers to produce more crops using the same amount of land?
crop rotation
this is the use of automatic machinery to increase production
this is the production of goods in a factory through the use of machines and a large number of workers
factory system
This man wrote "The Wealth of Nations" and is considered the founder of modern day economics?
Adam smith
In socialism how do people have a voice in economic planning?
through electing the gov
This author was a humanitarian who wrote a Tale of Two Cities
Charles Dickens
This is the idea putforth by Jeremy Bentham that a law is useful and good if it led to "the greatest happiness of the greatest number" of people.
this is the term for the belief that government should not interfere with the operations of businesses
In this economic system, the government and individuals own the factors of production, with the government controlling key industires in the country
According to Karl Marx, this is the name for the working class
the proletariat
This is the document that Marx and Engles wrote that inroduced Communism to the world
The communist Manifesto
Charles Dicken, Jermy Bentham and John Stuart Mill were all ______ because they wanted people and the gov. to improve th conditions of workers through regulatory laws