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This is an alliance between the US, Canada, and ten Western European nations during WWII
This is the name of the policy aimed to prevent the spread of communism by blocking Soviet influence
This term was used by Winston Churchill to represent the division between a mostly democratic Western Europe and a Communist Eastern Europe
Iron Curtain
This was an alliance between the Soviet Union and its Eastern European allies
Warsaw Pact
This is the policy of demonstrating willingness to engage in a war to protect national interests
This is an economic aid package designed to give European nations the aid needed to rebuild after WWII
Marshall Plan
This meeting at the end of WWII involved dividing Germany into sections controlled by the Soviet Union and Western Powers
Yalta Conference
What were Third World countries?
developing countries not aligne with the United States or the Soviet Union
What was the purpose of the Truman Doctrine?
to support countries that rejected communism
What was the Domino Theory?
The US believed that if Vietnam were to fall to communism, all the countries around it would also become communist.
The US and the USSR had a dangerous standoff over the presence of Soviet missiles in the country of _____.
What happened to the border between North Korea and South Korea as a result of the Korean War?
It hardly changed at all.
The 1956 revolution in this satellite country was the first to challenge Soviet domination after Stalin's death, and was suppressed quickly by the USSR.
How did the Cold war cause a change in US policy towards Nicaragua?
The US gave aid to the Sandinistas but withdrew support when the Sandinistas aided Marxist rebels in El Salvador.
What group did the Sandinistas in Nicaragua become?
the Taliban
Who did the US support in the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s?
both Iran and Iraq
What was Czechoslovakia's cultural revolution of the 1960s called?
Prague Spring
What was the policy of detente intended to do?
lessen Cold War tensions
What was glasnost?
in the Soviet Union, the policy of reform and opening of society and government put in place by Gorbachev
What was perestroika?
in the Soviet Union, the policy of economic reform and restructuring put in place by Gorbachev
What caused the reunification of West Germany and East Germany?
the fall of communism in East Germany
What was the goal of the Khmer Rouge?
to create a communist utopia in Cambodia
What did the Khmer Rouge do to reach their goal?
evacuated cities, killed intellectuals, censored media and burned books
Why did the US not get involved in stopping the Cambodian genocide?
They did not want to get involved in another conflict in Southeast Asia.
What was the turning point of the war in the Pacific in WWII?
the Battle of Midway
What were the Nuremburg Trials?
Nazis and former Nazis were put on trial for crime against humanity.
Who were the Axis Powers?
Italy, Germany, and Japan
What was the purpose of the Munich Conference?
Germany, Italy, Britain, and France met to discuss and solve the Czech Crisis.
What was the purpose of the Yalta Conference?
to discuss dividing Germany into sections controlled by the Soviet Union and the Western Powers
What was the purpose of the Berlin Conference?
to divide Africa with as little conflict as possible between European nations
How were fascists in Germany different than the communist leaders in Russia?
Fascists hated communism!!
Which two nations came out of WWI financially better than when the came in?
US and Japan
Which country was forced to take the blame for WWI?
Why did fascism develop in Germany?
Germans blamed the government for their failure in WWI, so they turned to fascist leaders who said they could fix the nation's problems. They were angry about the war guilt clause and their economic problems.
What is fascism?
An extreme, totalitarian form of nationalism. Totalitarian leaders promised greatness and hated communism.
Who was the fascist leader who came to power in Italy?
Benito Mussolini
Who was the fascist leader who came to power in Germany?
Adolf Hitler
What did Japan do in 1931 that was the first major challenge to the League of Nations?
invaded Manchuria
What was the US policy of isolationism?
to stay out of European affairs
What was the puppet government called that was put in place in France during WWII?
What happened on D-Day?
The US, France, and Britain invaded the Normandy coast to try to reobtain control of France
What were the three main causes of imperialism?
the spread of Christianity, the expansion of empire, and the opportunity to make money
Who attended the Berlin Conference?
European nations, but no African nations.
Why did Europeans control very little of Africa in the 1800s?
Strong African armies, difficult transportation, and disease confined Europeans to the coast of Africa.
What factors within Africa contributed to imperialism?
the variety of African peoples, lack of modern weapons, and the battle for resources between African nations
Who conquered the Congo?
King Leopold II of Belgium
What was Social Darwinism?
The belief that Darwin's theories about evolution and survival applied to human beings; a form of racism
Which two African countries stayed independent despite imperialism?
Ethiopia and Liberia
What was "the heart of darkness"?
King Leopold. He ruled the Congo without regard for the people there and only used it for his own profit. He indirectly murdered millions of people through violence, slavery, and starvation.
Who carried out the genocide in Rwanda?
Who made up the majority of Rwandan people?
Who was treated as second class citizens when Rwanda was a colony?
Who colonized Rwanda?
What group was killed in the Rwandan genocide?
Who made up the minority of people in Rwanda?
Who was treated as first class citizens in colonial Rwanda?
Who were the Sepoys?
Indians who worked as part of the British military
Why did the Sepoy Mutiny occur?
The Sepoys heard that Britain was using pig and cow fat to lubricate their bullets. This offended the religious beliefs of the two major religious groups in India: Hindus and Muslims.
Why did European nations and the US want control of Southeast Asia?
It had valuable resources and was very close to China.
Which country in Southeast Asia remained independent?
Siam (Thailand)
What is a country or territory with its own internal government but under the control of an outside power?
a protectorate
What was the policy of paternalism?
a European belief that Africans should be looked after and taken care of
Who were the Boers?
Dutch settlers who were some of the first to arrive in Africa. They farmed successfully in southern Africa and eventually defeated the Zulu in a war over diamond mines.
What important resource is found in Persia?
By 1914, in what state was the Ottoman Empire?
It had weakened and significantly decreased in size.
What was an important legacy of colonial rule in Nigeria?
conflict between the Igbo and other ethnic groups
Why did Germany have to give up their colonies in 1919?
as a punishment for losing WWI
What event triggered the start of the Rwandan genocide?
the shooting down of the president's plane
Events in what country greatly contributed to the US not acting to stop the Rwandan genocide?
The number one public health problem in Zambia is what disease?
What were the four main causes of WWI?
militarism, imperialism, nationalism, and alliances
What triggered the start of WWI?
the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
What three nations belonged to the Triple Alliance?
Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Italy
What three nations belonged to the Triple Entente?
Britain, France, and Russia
What group did the Triple Entente become?
the Allies
Who carried out the Armenian genocide?
Who were the Bolshevics?
Russian communists
Who led the Bolshevics?
Why doesn't communism work?
power is easily corrupted
What was the Russian Revolution?
A revolution in the 1880s in Russia that led to the formation of the Soviet Union