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The councils of workers and soldiers set up by revolutionary socialists were called ________.
The group that helped overthrow the provisional government was called ____________.
Red Guard
The group that remaiined loyal to the czar was called ______.
The reforms made by czars from 1905 to 1914 were_____________
to satisfy the people. (too many, too radical, too few, or too harsh) Choose one.
too few
The word "Bolshevik" means ____. (socialists, majority, proletariat, or workers) Choose one.
What did Lenin and the Bolsheviks promise the people?
Peace, land, and bread.
Because the Communists faced enemies at home, Lenin sought _______________.
peace with Germany
To subdue their enemies, the Communists began _________.
a reign of terror
Economy in which government officials make all basic economic decisions.
Command Economy
Large farm owned and operated by peasants as a group
Who really controlled the Soviet government, despite its elected legislature.
The Communist Party
Lenin called his economic program ________________.
the New Economic Policy
What was Stalin's first goal as leader of the Soviet Union?
To make the country into a modern industrial power.
What was one result of the Great Purge?
Increased Stalin's power
Why did Lenin organize the Comintern?
to aid revolutionary groups around the world.
A government that regulates every aspect of its citizens' lives is called a(n) _________.
totalitarian state
________________ is the belief that there is no God.
Stalin wished to elevate socialism by showing Soviet life in a positive light, through __________.
socialist realism
How did Stalin's Communist party ensure obedience?
secret police, censorship, and terror
What was the purpose of Communist propaganda?
to praise communism and criticize capitalism
What overall message were artists and writers forced to comuunicate in their work?
hope in the communist future