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What two groups was early roman government divided into?
Plebians, and particians.
Who were particians?
wealthy landowners
who were plebians?
less wealthy, crafters, merchants.
who were consuls?
how many consuls were there?
who were praetors?
Who ran the law?
the senate
who passed laws?
centurate assembly
who were tribunes?
protected council of plebs
what was law like?
people allowed to appeal to judges; innocent until proven guilty
What was first punic war?
Conflict over trade on sicily; Rome vs. Carthage
What was second punic war?
Cartage leader (hanniabl) wanted revenge and attacked rome. Rome won, conquering Spain.
Why was rome succesful?
The were good diplomats.
They had a strong army
They were pratcial.
What was 3rd punic war?
Carthage crossing alps to attack rome so rome went to cartage and destroyed city.
What is Mare Nostrum?
"our sea"-- roman goal to conquer medditeranian.
Who was first triumvarte?
Crassus, Ceaser, Pompey.
Ceaser gave land to poor and increased and weakend senate.
Crassus died in battle, Pompey lost power to ceaser. ceaser assassinatted
who was second triumvarte?
Octavain, antony, lepidus.
octa. and ant. divided city, then faught. antony lost and went to egypt and killed himself
who was augustus?
why was he great?
he stablized frontiers and conqured lots of land.
who was the dominent male?
who are procuraot?
roman offical that governed places.
what was the new testament?
second part of bible
what is clergy? laity?
clergy=church leaders
laity=church regulars
What is edict of milan?
offical tolerance of chirstianity
who was simon peter?
leader of apostles
who was paul?
spread message of jesus, wrote letters
why did christianity prosper?
offred immortality
similar and personal
fufflied need to belong
why did rome collapse?
weak government
who was piocletain and what did he do?
divided rome into 4 parts to make it easier to rule
what did constantine do?
moved capital to constanble
when did rome fall and why?
476 ad b/c german is emporer.