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President of U.S. during WW2
Franklin D. Roosevelt
The Turning point of WW2 in the pacific
Battle of Midway
This item brought families together
The radio
These trails targeted the Holocaust
Nurnberg Trials
The British prime minister was...
Winston Churchill
Who did Hilter sign a non-agression with?
Soviet Union
What Does Blitzreig mean?
"Lightning War"
Why was Yamamoto famous?
He was the commander of the Japenese navy for most of WW2
What group was targeted in the Nuremberg Trials?
Nazi Group
What were third world countries?
A country that were not friendly with other countries
Where were the atomic bombs dropped at?
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Who were the Axis powers?
Germany, Italy, Japan
A.k.A(Rome, Berlin, Tokyo)
Why did the stock market crash?
Stocks were sold for more than they were worth
Munich conference exposed what?
The Idea of Appeasement
Why did we develop the internet?
Scientific Research
The Gulf war was all about what?
Nazism was the German form of...
Who signed the Non-agression pact? When?
Minister Molotov; August 23, 1939
Who did Germany attack on Sept. 1 1939, which marked the beginning of WW2?
When did WW2 start?
(September 1)in 1939
Why did Japan invade Manchuria?
To gain it's ore and coal
Why did the British and French declare war on Germany.
Hitler invaded Poland
Who was the French general?
Charles de Gualle
The LAUNCHING of this caused the U.S. to emphasize science and math in high schools?
Sputnik 1
What country did Germany first use blitzrieg?
Who was the U.S. trying to overthrow in the Bay of pigs?
growing communisim ( cuban's from the island)
a system to protect the U.S. against enemy missiles was called....
Cuban Missiles crisis
Who had the advantage in the Battle of Britain?
Island hopping?
We hopped to islands that were less defended
What was the significance about the battle of Midway?
It was the turning point
What was the significance about the battle of Midway?
It was the turning point
What was the worst and biggest of the extermination camps?
the gas chambers
Germany's last offensive attack
Spring of 1918
Who was the supreme commander of the allies against Germany?
Dwight D. Eisenhower
The allied invasion of France is called...
D-day (operation overlord, etc)
Which country had the most lives lost in WW2?
Perestroika means..
economic reform in the soviet union
What marked the beginning of the great depression?
stock market crashed