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When did Spartan boys begin training for the military?
At the age of 7.
True/False: Women in Athens had more rights than women in Sparta.
The Spartan government had _ kings.
Who runs an Oligarchy?
A: An archon
B: All citizens
C: Wealthy landowners
D: A tyrant
C- wealthy landowners
What is a polis?
A polis is a city and the rural area surrounding it.
A: take power by force.
B: inherit power.
C: control all military and law-making bodies.
D: none of the above.
A- Tyrants take power by force, often with the support of peasants unhappy with the government.
Helots are..
A: an elite ruling class.
B: scribes in Athens.
C: Persian merchants.
D: brutally treated Spartan slaves.
D- Helots are Spartan slaves who are brutally treated.
Who was Pericles?
He was an Athenian statesman who led Athens through its Golden Age.
True/ False: Athens had a better navy than Sparta.
True. Sparta had a better army, but Athens had a superior navy, which Pericles strengthened.
What was the name of the mountain pass where 300 Spartans sacrificed their lives to allow other Greeks to escape the Persians during the Persian War?
True/ False: King Xerxes of the Persian Empire was the first Persian king to invade Greece, and was followed by King Darius.
False. King Darius was first, followed by his son, Xerxes.