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Indian holy man who established a new religion called Sikhism.
Muslim mathmetician who pioneered the study of algebra
Sultan who ruled the Ottoman empire during its golden age
Ottoman architect who designed mosques and palaces
Founder of the Abbassid dynasty
Abu al-Abbas
Mongol leader who invaded Persia and Mesopotamia
Scholar and astronomer who wrote The Rubaiyat
Omar Kahayyam
Successor to Muhammad
Abu Bakr
Native American culture of the far north
Cliff-dwellers of Mesa Verde
Incan sun god
Founder of the Incan Empire
Farming civilization in the desert southwest of North America
Early Mound Builders in the Ohio Valley
People of the first American civilization
"I have united the Persian empire--the largest empire the world has yet know."
"Let your hands build a great tomb to me, the one who rules this great land."
a pharaoh
"We have sailed many seas and traded with many peoples"
A Phoenician
"The great Darius has made me governor"
a satrap
"When Ahura Mazda truimphs over Ahriman, then you will be judged for your good and your evil."
"I, king of Babylon, will destroy the wiced and the evil and cause justice to prevail in the land."
"There is only one God and He has said, " You shall have no other gods beside Me."
A Hebrew
"I wear this false beard as a sign of my authority."
Queen Hatshepsut
What is a large landmass that juts out from a continent?
What is a term describing the rise and fall of dynasties?
dynastic cycle
What is a system of government in which local lords governed their own lands, but owed militia service and other kinds of support to the ruler?
What is a term for a sign that expresses a though or an idea?
What is an artistic form of handwriting done with ink and a brush?
What is a single spiritual power that resides in all things?
Who devotes his or her life to seeking spiritual truth?
Why did the Church had great power over people during the Middle Ages?
It decided who could achieve salvation.
During who reign, did they develop an early jury system?
Henry II
The need to keep records led to the development of what?
What evidence suggests that early people believed in life after death?
They held elaborate funeral services.
What are Sumer made up of?
independent city-states
What evidence suggests that the Indus Valley cities had a well-organized government?
well planned cities
Which of the follwoing stressed the use of experiments and observation in seeking knowledge?
When did early people first begin to use stone tools?
Old Stone Age
How did monks and nums improve life during the Middle ages?
they cared for the sick and poor
Under who's leadership, did Athens enjoyed a golden age?
Who dominated Greece following the Persian Wats?
What caused the split between sunni and Shiite Muslims?
The disagreement over the choice of a caliph
What place did Constantine make the center of power for the Roman Empire?
The code of Hammurabi was a major achievement for which of the following reasons?
It was the first major collection of laws
The golden age of India took place during the rule of the
New agricultural technologies in the Middle Ages led to
Increased food production
The code of Hammurabi was a major achievement for which of the following reasons?
It was the first major collection of laws
Where did the first cities emerge?
In river valleys
The golden age of India took place during the rule of the
According to Aristotle, the best government was
One that was ruled by by a strong and virtuous leader
New agricultural technologies in the Middle Ages led to
Increased food production
Where did the first cities emerge?
In river valleys
According to Aristotle, the best government was
One that was ruled by by a strong and virtuous leader
India enjoyed a golden age during the Gupta dynasty because
The government promoted peace and propserity
Who established an empire that extended from Greece to Egypt and India?
Which of the following groups dominated the economic and political life of towns during High Middle Ages?
merchant guilds
Which of the following is a true statement about the Indus Valley civilization
It disappeared without a trace and was only rediscovered in 1922
Which of the following marked the beginning of civilization?
the development of cities
How did the wealth acquired from winning an empire affect Rome?
It widened the gap between rich and poor
Why was the Magna Carta important?
It asserted that the monarch must obey the law
Chivalry governed relations between
noblemen and noblewomen
The Reconquista refers to
the campaign to drive the Muslims out of Spain
Why was the Battle of Tours significant?
It stopped the Muslilm advance into Western Europe
Which of the following helped unite Charlemagne's empire
a strong, efficient government
During the Vedic age, the Aryans changed
from nomads to farmers
The Incan empire included the
Andes Mountains
Who tried to restore order to the Roman empire?
Diocletian and Constantine
Indian villages were ruled by
a village council
Which of the following groups conquered the former Roman province of Gaul?
The Franks
In the fields of art and literature, Romans were greatly influenced by the culture of
Which of the following contributed to the birth of the renaissance in Italy
A wealthy and powerful merchant class
Which of the following beliefs is held by Muslims, Jews, and Christians?
Belief in one God
Which statement generally describes Rome's attitude toward people of different religions in the empire?
Romans tolerated religious differences
Which of the following geographic characteristics of Greece provided a link to the outside world?
Which of the following descriptions applies to the works of Greek artists and architects?
Reflected concern with form and order
Sikhism blended the beliefs of Islam with those of
The first people who migrated to North America came by way of a land bridge across the present-day
Bering Strait
The artists of the Renaissance focused on
Humanistic concerns
Which of the following statements describes the Ottoman and Safavid empires?
Both based their government on Muslim traditions
According to Figure 9-1, which of the following regions was least affected by the Black Death?
According to Figure 9-1, what percentage of the population died of the Black Death in Region A?
over 50%
Which of the following statements is accurate according to Figure11-1?
Iran has a higher percentage of Muslims than Egypt has.
How do archaelogists find out about early peoples?
They dig to find artifacts
The first American civilization emerged along the
Mexican Gulf Coast
According to Figure1-1, approximately what year did the Neolithic agricultural revolution take place
9000 B.C.
About how many years were there between the Neolithic revolution and the beginning of civilization according to Figure 1-1?
Which was a key feature of early civilizations?
How do historians help us learn about the past?
They collect, evaluate, and interpret written evidence.
Which of the following aided cultural diffusion among ancient peoples?
The Chinese system of writing was difficult to learn because it used
thousands of characters
From childhood, Spartan boys were trained to be
Which two letters in figure 3-1 show the sites of early Indian civilizations?
A and B
Which letter in figure 3-1 shows the site of Shang civilization?
What was the chief goal of the Crusades?
To free the Holy Land
Luther believed that
Salvation could be achieved through faith alone
Han emperors based their rule on the teachings of
According to the Torah, who united the Hebrew tribes into a single nation?
Which of the following was not related to the "fall" of Rome?
The assassination of Julius Caesar