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define monothesism
belief in 1 god
defien polythesism
belief in many gods
what is an Acropolis
a hilltop in an ancinet greek city
what is a polis
a greek city state
define epic
a long heroic poem that tells the story of a historical or legendary hero
what 2 most powerful greek city states and objectives of each
sparta was to build a strong army and athens was to build a strong democracy
that as the Hellenistic Age
it was a time when scientific and cultural achievements were created
what cities fought in the Peloponnesian War and when
sparta and athens in 431 B.C
who were the athenian reformers
solon, pisistratus, and cleisthenes
what is a republic
a political unit that is not rules by a monoarch and in which citizens w/ the right to choose their leader
define dicator
a leader who had absolute power to make laws and commad the army
what is the 200 years period of roman peace called
the pax romanana
who was the enemy of rome in the punic wars
describe the steps of caesar to gain power
he gave great speeches and threw lavish parties for influential politician
what were the first written laws
the twelve tables