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Domination by one country politically, economically, and culturally of another country or region.
A form of Imperial Rule where local rulers were left in place but had to follow European orders.
Social Darwinism
An idea, where natural selection and domination of weaker races was nature's way of improving the human race.
King Leopold II
King of Belgium who hired Stanley to explore the Congo River and arrange treaties with African Leaders.
Boer War
1899-1902; Gold and diamonds found on Boer lands; British fought the Boers with bitter guerrilla fighting.
Berlin Conference
In 1884 between Europeans to avoid bloodshed in Africa. Established that no colonies without a gov. office set up.
Ethiopia - Menelik II
Modernized Ethiopia with European help. Defeated Italians; the only African nation to stay independent.
The upper class of a society.
It's a provincial ruler.
Young Turks
1890; Liberals who insisted on reform to save empire. Overthrew Ottoman sultan but got caught up in WWI.
Christian nation where Muslim Turks commited genocide in fear of plans against Ottoman Empire. 600k-1.5million died.
A deliberate attempt to destroy a racial, political, or cultural group of people.
Suez Canal
Canal built by British in Egypt from Red Sea to Mediterranean Sea to expand trade.
Shah of Iran
Rulers from 1794 to 1925 who excersized absolute power, but did introduce reforms and tried a liberal constitution.
Government grants of special right to foreign powers.
British East India Co.
Controlled 3/5 of India; was there to trade, make money, and push forward British interests.
Mughal Empire
An empire that was in present day India/Pakistan. It crumbled due to pressure from Britain and inner diversity.
Sepoy Rebellion
Sepoy swept northern and central India against British officers, for changing way of life. British crushed revolt.
British Raj
British Parliment system in India where viceroy governed under the Queen's rule.