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what are the benefits of government?
jesus i dont know. order. law. justice. um. all that good stuff.
you knowww it.
chaos. no government,
direct democracy
system of government in which citizens participate directly in the day-to-day affairs of government rather than through elected representatives.
direct is the keyword here.
Magna Carta
said (nobles) had rights. ruler must obey laws.
Hammurabis code
first major collection of laws in history. 539 B.C
natural laws
rule or law that governs human nature
seperation of powers
basically good. natural rights.
good but corrupted by evils of society. individual foucs.
Chronological order of waterloo, reign of terror, oath of tennis court, directory, national assembly finishes first constitution, napolean becomes first council after coup d' etat, the russian campaign, the estates general is called, napolean is crowned emperor, bastille is stormed,
estates general is called, oath of tennis, storming of bastille, reign of terror, directory, russian campaign, crowned, waterloo
national assembly
peeps from 3rd estate, declared themeselves to represent all of france
national convention
im so screwed
3.1 here i come
no 3.3 at least
hell it is going to be a 3.5 just u fricken watch
u can stop caring tommorow at 12. seriously.
really. no sleep tonight. your better than this.