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LAW: Domesday Book
A census that was used for collecting taxes
LAW: Common Law
A law that applied to all of England: Based on customs and court rulings
LAW: Magna Carta
Nobles forced King John (the Monarch) to sign this list of feudal rigths.
LAW: Parliament
A group of loards and church cleargy that adviced the king. Formed in the 1200s
High Middle Ages
1050 til 1450 A.D.
Architecture: Romanesque
Churches: Thick walls and towers and a heavy stone ceiling. Veru few windows.
Architecture: Gothic
Churches: Flying buttresses supported walls so they could be tall and less thick. Many stained glass windows.
WAR: Norman Conquest
William and Normandy fougth Harold (the previous king brother in law) for the crown of England. William "the Conqueror" won
WAR: Crusades
Lasted over 100 years. Christian knigths vs Muslims and Jews. Fighting over Jerusalem. Christians lost all but 1 crusade
WAR: Reconquista in Spain
Christians attempt to drive Muslims from Spain in the 700s. It lasted several hundred years
WAR: 100 Year´s war
France vs Englnd (France won). Occurred between 1337 and 1453
WAR: Joan of Arc
17 year old peasant woman who led french armies to several victories in 100 Years war until she was burned at the stake by the English
Literature: Famous Poets
Dante; Divine Comedy. Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales
Lierature: Heroic Epics
About knigths and battles
Economy during High MA
Because of the Black Death, prices in Europe went up (inflation). This caused many social revolts.