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Causes of WWI
1. Imperialism-expansion
2. Militarism-Huge Armies
3. Alliances
4. Nationalism-love/pride in your country
Francis Ferdinand
the heir to the Habsburg (Austrian) throne. Assassinated
Who were the allied powers
russia, france, britain, usa, italy
Who were the central powers?
germany, Ottoman Empire, bulgaria, italy
WWI Began
July 28 1914
Technologies of Tactics of WWI
Trench War
Flame Throwers
War of Attrition
fighting in which each side in war tries to wear down and outlast the other in weapons, food, & ppl
a british passenger liner off the coast of Ireland sunk bye German Submarine
Woodrow Wilson
President of the US during WWI tried to stay out
Ferdinand Foch
American supreme commander French allied
river near paris where germany attacked on france in 1914
German went on high command here hoping to drain french resources french/ belgium border city w/ huge casualities
John J Pershing
"Black Jack" leader of american expidetion force in france
ending of hostilities until a formal treaty can be completed NOV. 11 1918...Peace, veterans day
End of WWI
Nov 11 1918
Results of WWI
1.huge casualties (the war to end all wars)
2.germany, italy were stopped depression
4.treaty caused hatred (WWII)
5.Changed the map of Europe
Causes of WWII
1.bitterness over WWI & treaty
2.power hungary dictatorship
3.alliances-axis powers
4.appeasement to hitler & dictatorships
5.german invasion of poland
WWII began
september 1 1939
"lightening war" descriptive of hitlers swift and sever attack on Poland
"miracle" at this belgian city where thousands of british were there
Battle of britain
german air force raids and british efforts to counter them during WWII for months
neutrality acts
US legislation in the 1930s prohibiting loans and arms sales to warring nations
Pearl Harbor Attack
December 7 1941
act of genocide by the nazis during WWII in which european jews were slaughtered
most notorious of the nazi concentration camps, located southern poland
german concentration camp known for medical experiments
bataan death march
forced march of allied prisoners up the Bathan Peninsula during which japanese gaurds killed more than 600 americans & up to 10,000 filipinos
prisoners on a long march (thousands died) vicious battle Germans/Russians
day on which allied sodiers landed on mormandy beaches during WWII to begin the invasion of france
Victory in europe
Germany surrendered to Allieds, VE day
Victory in Europe
May 8 1945
suicide plane missions by japanese pilots
atomic bombing of hiroshima
aug 6 1945
atomic bombing of nagaski
aug 9 1945
victory over japan (VJ day)
sept 2 1945
results of WWII 50 million died (ussr 20 mill +)
2.hitler-mussoline-tojo stopped
3.2 super powers US-USSR
4.Cold war
5.atomic age
6.east-west germany