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what years did the renaissance take place?
On april 6, 1341, what historian and poet began to rule, and who was he nominated by?
Francesco P, nominated by the pope
Where did the renaissance start?
Why Italy?
a. economic expansion
b. population growth
c. commericalism
d. avoid economic crisis of middle ages
e. ancient roman remains
What is humanism & the Greco-Roman belief?
Each human being has dignity and worth.
to educate the middle class
Who is niccolo machiavelli, and what book did he write?
1469-1527, florence, italy, mededichi family, wrote The Prince
what was The Prince?
blue print for the gov't, written by niccolo machiavelli when he was 44-45 years old, about the art of war
Who is francesco patriarch
1304-1347, wrote africa, father of humanism, poet, historian laureat
What social group evovled in the city life
th emiddle class
in the 1400's, who ran the gov't and what jobs
the middle class... bankers and merchants
what 3 major cities emerged?
florence (medici)
Rome (papal)
Venice (doges)
Florence... who was the medici family
prominent banking family that took over politically
giovianni de medici
moved to florence in 1397, started to establish banks, and layed the foundation
1424 takes over, 1429 official... lasted until 1464, when piero took over
the magnificant, dies 1469, son of piero, 1469- took over until 1492... greatest height in 1491
started republic... kicks out lorenzo, fails 1495

1495-1519, lorenzo rules again
rome (pope)
ultimate authority figure that ruled rome
vatican city
large city where pope ruled from
pope nicholas-
1447 starts rome as renaissance city
pope julias
1503 starts romes golden age
pope leo
pope clement
1523 ends roman golden age
becomes new 'rome', doges, first republic in italy, leader elected by the people, council of 40 choses doges, continued what florence and rome did to become a ren city.
put money into the city