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1720-1790 the thoughts of the renaissance and the scientific revolution were brought together
the enlightenment
a female philosophe who wrote about family and education
Mary Wolltonecraft
a philosophe who wrote letters, pamphlets, and plays to denounce intolerance bigotery
he wrote the wealth of nations in 1766 he stated that a free economy regulated by gov't should not control the economy
Adam Smith
location,trade and business, they unite with scotland,powerful navy made this country a world power
small personal portraits
large exagerated paintings
entertainment in form of a poet reciting his poems, of a singer singing an aria, of paintings hanging at the wall. was an opportunity for discussion, both in a large circle and in (numerous) small groups.
an absolute ruler who used their power to bring about political and social change
enlightened despot
three enlightened despots were
fredrick the great, catherine the great, and joseph II