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Government where the power of the crown is unchecked
absolute monarchy
another name for the age of monarchs
age of absolutism
strongest nation in europe during the 1500s and early 1600s
was both the holy roman emperor and the king of spain
charles V
dynasty of Charles V and Phillip the 2nd
when chales V divided his empire his son phillip the @nd became
king of spain
strongest monarch during spanish supremacy
philip the 2nd
Philip the 2nd and other absolute monarchs belived they were kings by
divine right
the idea that royal power is granted by god
divine right of kings
he used wealth(gold and silver)
from colonies to build the largest and strongest army in europe
philip the 2nd
philip @ saw spain as the defender of the
catholic faith
he involved spain in wars against the enemies of catholicism(protestants,muslims etc.)
philip 2
philip 2 attempted to force all non-catholics to
convert or leave spain
was used as a reign of terror to extract all non-catholic elements from spain
spanish inquisition
this source of wealth enabled spain to become the strongest nation in europe
american colonies
philip 2 sent it to invade england
spanish armada
it's defeat in 1588 was the beginning of spains decline as the leading european power
Spanish armada
in the late 1500s france was torn by reiigious conflict between ____.
catholics and hugenots
french protestants calvinists
first born king
henry of navarre/henry 6
est the edict nantes
henry 6
gave french protestants religious freedom in 1598
edict of nantes
real ruler during the reign of louis XIII
cardinal richelieu
involved catholic france in the 30 years war ont he side of the protestants
cardinal richelieu
was triggered by a rebellion of bohemian protestants
30 year war