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Indo-Europeans who settled on Greek mainland (2000B.C.);main cityMycenae
was fortified w/ 20ft walls on a steep, rocky ledge.
What is Mycenaean?
Traded with Minoans
In 1200's B.C. Mycenaens fought a 10yr. war vs. Troy in Anatolia, located in NW Turkey in 1870's,
What is the Trojan War?
Archaeology has proven Troy existed but Trojan War was fought over natural resources not Helen.
This group took over with collapse of Mycenae, spoke Greek dialect, ancestors were bronze age Greeks & lost art of writing during their rule
What is Dorian?
1150-750 B.C. , dark age of Greek culture. less culturally advanced
A blind storyteller during Dorian age of Greece who composed Epics - narrative poems celebrating heroic deeds (750-700B.C.)
Who was Homer?
stories included The Iliad -story of Trojan War and the Odyssey - story of their return trip home
Fictional, traditional stories about Greek Gods.
What is a Myth?
Ex. story of the Minotaur or Achille's Heel
City-States or fundamental political unit of Ancient Times. A city & surrounding countryside w/ villages.
What is a Polis?
Agora was a market place.50 -500 sqare miles w/ <10,000 inhabitants.
Narrative poem that has a Greek hero who does great deeds as a warrior
What is an Epic?
Iliad & Odyssey by Homer
A fortified hilltop where Government was discussed
What is an Acropolis?
the Citadel of ancient Greek city
The form of government of the Noble landowning families, very rich w/ political power from cavalry service.
What is an Aristocracy?
often ruled by monarchy
Government ruled by a small group of powerful people
What is an Oligarchy?
Often seen in Socialism
Powerful individuals (nobles/ wealthy citizens)
who seized control of the government by appealing to common people for support.
What are Tyrants?
Leaders who set up building programs to provide for jobs and housing for supporters.
(positive connotation)
Rule by people of Athens; citizens participated directly in political decision-making.
What is Democracy?
The U.S.A. is a Democratic Republic meaning we elect representatives to speak for us in government.
Peasants ( Messenians) forced to stay on land they worked & gave up 1/2 their harvest to government
What is a Helot?
A fearsome battle formation (16x16 soldiers armed with pikes 18ft spears)
What is a Phalanx?
helped protect the soldiers in battle while concentrating strength in weakest area of enemy
Greek vs. Persian Empire began in Ionia on coast of Anatolia. In 546B.C. Persians conquered area but lost the battle of Marathon in 490 B.C. even w/ larger army
What are Persian Wars?
Darius was defeated by Alexander's smaller army at Marathon.
Citizens rule directly & not through representatives as in U.S.A.
What is Direct Democracy?
Only white male landowners could vote
Values of harmony, order, balance & proportion were standard ideals of art.
What is Classical Art?
Ex. Venus de Milo or statue of David
A serious Drama about common themes such as love, hate, war, and betrayal. Tragic hero had extraordinary abilities but some tragic flaw leading to his demise
What is Tragedy?
Achille's heel in the Illiad
Slapstick situations with crude humor, makes fun of politics & respectful people
What is Comedy?
Aristophenes wrote Greek Comedy
Athens Navy against Sparta's army. During seige of Athen's by Sparta a plague struck killing 1/3 of population and Pericles.
What is the Peloponnesian War?
A truce was signed in 421 B.C. which did not last long
Sparta eventually conquered Athens, Greece.
Greek thinkers or "Lovers of Wisdom" believed that: the universe has order to its creation 2. You understand the universe through logic and reason.
What are Philosophers?
Ex. Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle
Behind that absolute, standards exist for truth & justice, forced people to think about values and actions
Who was Socrates?
Developed Socratic Method of Teaching
Student of Socrates, wrote "The Republic" ; his vision of a perfectly governed society. Citizens were farmers, artisans, warriors & ruling class
What is Plato?
Father of history who accuratelt reported events of his day.
What is Herotodus
Developed cyclical view of History.
He questioned Nature of the World and human belief, thought , knowledge etc. Developed the precursor to Debating. Researched psychology, physics & biology
& basis for scientific method
Who was Aristotle?
Took throne in 343Bs
King of Persia, killed by his own generals
Who was King Phillip II?
North of Greece w/ rough basin & cold climate, live in mountain village
What is Macedonis?
Proclaimed himself KIng of all Egypt at age 20, taught by Aristotal . Crushed rebellion of Thebes and sold survivors into slavery.
Wha was Alexander the Great
Alexanders policies led to the blending of cultures of the lands conquered
What is Hellenistic Culture.
A bronze statue over 100 feet high which stood at the entrance of harbor.
What is The Colossus of Rhodes?
one of the 10 Wonders of Ancient World.
Types of architectural style adorning the tops of Greek columns
Doric, Ionic & Corinthian