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the reduction of armed forces and weapons
condition in which production of goods exceeds the demand for them
paying part of the cost and borrowing the rest from brokers
margin buying
strike by workers in many different industries at the same time
general strike
series of treaties signed by seven european countries that settled Germany's disputed borders with France, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, and Poland.
locarno treaties
signed in 1928, this agreement was signed by almost every independent nation in a promise to renounce war
kellogg-briand pact
irish republican army which carried on a guerilla war against British forces
British commonwealth linked by economic and cultural ties; made up of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa
commonwealth of nations
popular socialist leader who united several leftist parties and introduced the "Popular Front" government to solve labor problems
leon blum
massive fortifications built by the French along the border to prevent a third invasion
maginot line
massive package of economic and social programs introduced by FDR to combat the Depression
new deal
supposed threat of communism in 1919 and 1920 that set off suspicion and threats
"red scare"
method of studying how the mind works and treating mental disorders
something composed of lines, colors, and shapes with no recognizable subject matter
movement that attempted to portray the workings of the unconscious mind
technique in which a writer appears to probe a character's random thoughts and feelings without imposing any logic or order
stream of consciousness
liberated young women who symbolized rebellions Jazz Age youth
revolutionary style that broke three dimensional objects into fragments and composed them into complex patterns of angles and planes
polish born french scientist who experimented with readioactivity
marie curie
created cubism with picasso
american born english poet who published The Waste Land
t.s. eliot
British novelist and author of Mrs. Dalloway who used stream of consiousness to explore the hidden thoughts of ordinary people
virginia woolf
irish novelist who used stream of consciousness in Finnegans Wake to explore the innermind of a hero
james joyce
nickname for the 1920s, with its freedom and willingness to experiment
jazz age
russian and germain painters who creating abstract art
vasily kandinsky
german paul klee
austrian physician that suggested that the subconscious mind drives much human behavior
sigmund freud
art form that debuted in paris and was a revolt against civilization
combat squads used to break up democratic gatherings and protests
black shirts
h"the leader"; Mussolini's title
il duce
prime minister
"my struggle"
outlined hitler's obsessions and became the basic book of nazi goals and ideaology.
mein kampf
detention centers for civilians considered enemies of the state
concentration camps
coal-rich region operated by France when Germany fell behind in reparations
ruhr valley
under this plan, the United States gained British and French approval for a plan to reduce German reparations; France withdrew its Ruhr forces, and America lent money to help Germany recover
dawes plan
the goal for the German master race to dominate Europe for 1000 years
third reich
hitler's secret police
1935 set of laws that placed severe restrictions on Jews
nuremberg laws
"night of broken glass"
november 9 and 10
a strong leader; name which hitler called himself
so called "living space" that Hitler wanted to gain for its people