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What is the Golden Age of Greece?
A new era of cultural progress in Athens
____________ was a white marble temple built in honor of Athena
the Parthenon
Who was Myron?
one of history's greatest sculptors of the Golden Age & sculpted "the Discus Thrower"
Who was Phidias?
one of history's greates sculptors of the Golden Age & he sculpted a famous statue of Zeus
The sculpter who made large formal works appropriated for the gods.
The study of basic questions of reality & human existence is?
What was the aristocracy?
Government ruled by an upper class.
Plays containing action or dialouge & involving conflict & emotion are?
What are tragedies?
Main characters stuggled against fate or events
He was a great thinker. He taught that education was the key to personal growth.
Who was a wealthy young aristocrat & the greatest of Socrates's students? He also formed the Academy.
One of Plato's students; believed every field of knowledge had to be studied logically. Who was he?
Who was a philosopher who believed everything could be explained in terms of mathematics?
Who lived between 460 - 377 BC and was the founder of medical science?
Who was the first historian of the Western world?
Who defended many traditional Greek values and wrote a famous tradgic play "Oedipus Rex"?
Who was the 3rd greatest playwright of the Golden Age?
Who was known as the finest writer of Greek comedies and who was known for their sharp wit?
What is a phalanx?
It contained rows of soldiers standing shoulder to shoulder
Who were orators?
Public Speakers
Who was the King of Macedon of Greece who also had a son named Alexander the Great?
Phillip II of Macedon
Who was Demosthenes?
A speaker who led Athenian opposition to Phillip
Who was Alexander the Great?
Phillip 2 of Macedon's son. His aim was to bring all the known world into a single empire
What was the combined ideas & values drawn from the Mediterranean & Asia?
Hellenistic culture
Who established the Stotic philosophy in Athens in the late 300s BC?
Who was the founder of Epicurean philosophy and who taught that the aim of life was to seek pleasure and avoid pain?
Who was the greatest scientist of the Hellenistic period who also found the value of (pi)?
Who correctly believed that the earth and other planets move around the sun, but failed to convince others?
Who calculated the distance around the earth with amazing accuracy?
What was Hellas?
Ancient name for Greece
_________________ was the characteristic of the Ancient Greeks or their language, culture, and thought?