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believed that human beings were free to follow self-interest as a basic motivating force. Happiness was the goal of life. The means to achieve happiness was the pursuit of pleasure, the only true good. Pleasure was freedom from emotional turmoil and worry. To achieve this people had to free themselves from public activity. To Epicurus, a life could only be complete when it was centered on the ideal of frienchship.
The product of the teacher named Zeno and taught in the building known as the painted portico. It was also concerned on the happienss. However, they could only find happiness when people gained inner peace by living in harmony with the will of god. The could bear whatever life offered.
Especially important because of his work on the geometry of spheres and cylinders, as well asf or establishing the value of the mathematical constant pi. He was also a practical inventer. (Screw, gravity from observing water, and devices for repelling attackers)
A machine used to pump water out of mines and to lift irrigation water.
What did Appolonius of Rhodes write?
An epic poem called Argonautica that tells the story of Jason the search for the Golden Fleece.
Thought it was best not to attempt epic poems. He wrote short poems that expressed a love of nature and a appreciation of nature's beauty
determined that Earth was round and caculated Earth's circumference at 24, 675, 185 within the actual figure
Wrote the Elements, a textbook on plane geometry.
Home to poets, philosophers, and scientists. Had the largest library in ancient times. (more than 5,000 scrolls)
Leading cultural center of Asia Minor. The library is the second biggest.
What cities of the Hellenistic Era became the chief agents in the spread of Greek culture in southwest asia?
Greek Cities
The four Kingdoms
Syria in the east, pergamum in western Asia minor, Egypt and Macedonia
Alexander planned to fuse...?
Macedonians, Greeks and Persians
What did other officers try to imitate?
using force and claims of divine rule to create military monarchies
Year Alexander died
year he crossed indus river
year Alexander turned east and fought battle of Gaugamela
Army was 37,000 and 5,000 calvary in what year?
By winter of... Syria, Palestine and Egypt were under his control.
Greek capital of Egypt