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What five regions surround China?
What are the three great rivers of China?
Huang He
Chang Jiang
What river in China is referred to as China's Sorrow
Huang He
What was the economy of the Shang Dynasty mainly based on
How did the Chinese believe thier ruler recieved the right to rule
from the gods
What is the right to rule called
Mandate of Heaven
What did Shang artisans excell in
bronze casting
What dynasty to the Zhou Dynasty overthrow
Shang Dynasty
What was the longest dynasty in Chinese History and how long did it last?
900 years
Name the dynasty that only lasted a short time byt was succesful in unifying China under a strong central government
What major accomplisment was established during the Han Dynasty
civil service system
Who was the most famous Han emperor
What did WU DI establish
PAX Sinica
What does Pac Sinica mean
Chinese Peace
Who was the founder of Daoism
What are did the Silk Road link China with?
Mediteranean region
What does "Learning without thought is labor lost; thought witout learning is perilous" mean
to learn must one must also be in constant thought about what they are learning and how it applies to life
What does" Things that done, it is needless to speak about. Things that are past, it is needless to blame" mean
what you do there is no need to tell people about and the past is the past
define silt
fertile soil carried as sediment in river water
define acupuncture
Chinese medicianl practive that involves insertion of needles
Define civil service
system that administers the government on a day-to-day basis
define autocracy
form of government in which the ruler holds total power
define loess
extradinarily fertile soil
How id confucianism influence the development of the Chinese civil service system
Confucism taught that people would respect a fair government it stressed only educated and virtous people should enter government service
Describe the Chinese Dynastic cycle
What three concepts formed the basis of Confucian philosphy
1. Importance of Family
2. Respect of Elders
3. Reverence of the Past (ansestor worship)
What is silt
soul carried as sediment in a rivers water
Why was China's civilization isolated from the civilization of India and the West
great distances towreing mounstaind deserts
What does Zhonggua mean
middle kingdom- to chinese it represented the center of world and in their eyes they were the only civilized kingdom
Name some accomplishments of the Quin dynasty
first chinese empire; standarized weights; coinage (money), and established a uniform system of writing
In What dynasty was iron introduced and why was it important
Zhou; aloowed the use of iron tools and iron plows they were able to cultivate (farm) more land than ever before
Describe the government of the Qin Dynasty
strong central government
What were the Analects
is what became know as Confusiansim
What does DAO mean
Way of Nature
What is the philosphy of Daoism
people should not strive for riches or power instead they should try to bring themselves into harmony with DAO
What did Legalist believe
power not virtue; they believed in harsh laws